10 Amazing eBay Listing Templates

April 19, 2023

For eBay sellers looking for ways to increase your sales, templates can be a powerful way to accomplish this. Using an eBay template for your listing helps you ensure that you include the right information to attract buyers. We’ll look at eBay templates in more detail in this article, including where to find the best eBay listing templates.

What Is an eBay Listing Template?

An eBay listing template is a premade design and content layout you can use to list items on eBay. Many kinds of eBay template design options are available, including premade layouts that sellers can fill out with item specifics and add to their eBay listings.

Why Should You Use eBay Templates for Listings?

If you’re an eBay seller looking to grow your online business, using an eBay listing template could be a powerful way to boost sales. Here’s why:

Consistency: Using eBay listing templates ensures you provide consistent information in each listing with custom elements as needed.
Credibility: Using premade design and content templates gives your eBay listings a more professional feel and helps users trust you.
Convenience: Using eBay templates helps you complete listings faster, making it easier to post multiple listings in one day more efficiently. Plus, using templates ensures that you have the right keywords to make it easy for buyers to search and find your item.

Best Sources for eBay Listing Templates

Many eBay templates and resources are available for your eBay store, all designed to help you increase your eBay sales. Some of the best sources for free eBay templates and paid eBay templates are the following:

1. Dewiso

Dewiso offers a free eBay template that can be used to sell items on eBay. With Dewiso templates, you can create your own template design or use their design, including elements such as modifying column layouts, custom color schemes, and more. You can use the HTML code to add the template to your listing.

2. Finest Design

Finest Design templates use a web-based application to help you make new, responsive templates with minimal effort for eBay listings. You can start from scratch and create custom templates. The Finest Design template includes easy image and feature customization and their template design enables easier cross-selling with the inventory view option.

3. Eselt

Eselet has an easy template design for eBay sellers, with many opportunities to customize the template as needed. Eselt’s templates are eBay compliant, mobile responsive, and save time for sellers. Eselt templates include fields for product descriptions, product features, product images, and more to create a rich listing for eBay.

4. EcomClips

If you’re interested in creating mobile responsive listings with all the critical details of your item, the EcomClips template generator could be the right fit for you. You can create rich, responsive listings that include images, features, and other details to help you save time and make your listings page even better. EcomClips has multiple types of listing templates you can preview before using their services to ensure it’s the right one for your buyers.

5. 3dSellers

3dSellers eBay templates are one of the most popular listing template options, with tons of ability to customize as needed for a desktop or a mobile device. 3dSellers has many options you can preview before you edit and example templates from which you can gain inspiration. You can add images, product features, shipping information, item brand, category information, and other key seller information. Plus, 3dSellers templates do not have any active content that can cause eBay errors, so your listings are safe with their templates.

6. MarkSight

If you are looking for free designer templates for your eBay account, MarkSight free eBay templates could be the right option. MarkSight offers free eBay templates, including description templates with easy HTML code options that you can adapt.

7. Involic

Involic has various listing template options, allowing you to start from scratch or go for their custom options that you can edit and preview easily. Involic has many designer templates, including descriptive templates that you can use on your eBay page, with free and paid options available. In addition, Involic includes the ability to add category information, images, and features and is constantly adding new templates.

8. Shop Blueprint

Shop Blueprint offers an easy listing template with HTML code that can be copied and pasted onto an eBay seller page. The Shop Blueprint template has no active content, making it error-free when used on eBay. In addition, the Shop Blueprint template includes the ability to edit and customize images, features, inventory views, seller policies, and other information that could be useful for a potential buyer.

9. ClingyKoala

ClingyKoala has created easy templates with custom details and the ability to edit the template to match needs easily. ClingyKoala offers a simple payment structure and the ability to generate multiple types of template options. In addition, you can preview template options and use HTML code options to adapt the template to your page.

10. Sellercore

Sellercore offers free eBay listing templates with custom options. In addition, Sellercore has quick options to edit the template and add information for your listing. For example, you can create a new template with custom information or reuse old templates, preview the listing, and use the HTML code option to add to your listing.

How Do I Create eBay Listings Templates?

If you would like to create your own eBay template, there are many options available to create templates for your own personal use. You can use eBay’s seller hub, including features, to develop your template. Additionally, you can use paid tools to create your own eBay template with a custom design using an HTML editor or other tools. However, ensuring that any templates you make are compliant with eBay’s policies is essential.

Are eBay Templates Free?

Many types of eBay templates are available depending on the product type being sold and other factors, including a mixture of free and paid options. Many free eBay templates are available that may be suitable for basic listings and paid template options for more complex or robust listings.

Do eBay Templates Increase Sales?

eBay templates can increase sales for new listings and existing listings. eBay templates increase ales because they are designed to ensure you have the elements needed for your listing. A professional eBay template included the full product description, custom icons, mobile optimization, opportunities to cross-sell items, and other functionalities. You can access free templates that can be customized or create your own template.

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