10 Commitments

10 commitments

The Ten Commitments of Excellence at csbe

Each day presents an opportunity for us to master skills and further goals. Success often comes down to having the right attitude and smart decision making. Whether you're deeply invested in a career or starting a business, successful people commit to certain decisions that help shape them into elite businessmen and -women.
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1. Commitment to well-being.
We believe well-being is the cornerstone of personal and professional growth. Without personal and professional well-being our mission cannot be achieved.

2. Commitment to the team objective.
We believe in total commitment to the team. The team objective is a guide for us to follow in our service to our clients, support of each other, and team growth.

3. Commitment to goal attainment.
We believe every individual should have personal and economic goals. Staff work within a framework of daily evaluation in order to identify and achieve their long-term objectives.

4. Commitment to our time management system.
We believe our time management system should be utilized in all activities to provide maximum efficiency and effectiveness for our clients. We commit to managing our time and setting specific goals within that time.

5. Commitment to excellence in all we do.
With our philosophy we become team members, working for ourselves and each other. We have high expectations in terms of conduct, and know that each of us is a reflection of the team.
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6. Commitment to incredible, outstanding, unbelievable client service.
We believe in extending such incredible service to all clients that they feel like honored guests in our establishment. We constantly anticipate, meet, and exceed our clients' expectations.

7. Commitment to retailing through client experience.
We believe that each team member is also a salesperson. Retailing is a vital prerequisite to client experience and ultimately leads to professional success.

8. Commitment to value-added service.
Value-added means doing and giving more than is expected. We believe each of us needs to go above and beyond the call of duty. The business and exposition will benefit in direct proportion to the value-added service provided by each team member.

9. Commitment to innovation.
We believe our strength lies in our passion to implement new ideas and embrace change. We realize that innovation involves risking failure, but we choose to risk failure in our pursuit of success rather than fail passively.

10. Commitment to integrity and honesty.
Commitment to respecting all equipment and belongings of others. Stealing from others is stealing from oneself.