10 Places to Get Weaving Supplies for Your Business

May 9, 2023

Weaving is a traditional craft used to produce various textiles and accessories by interlacing threads or fibers. If you’re interested in learning this craft or turning it into a business, you need to first source the right supplies. Whether you’re a new weaver or looking to improve your current skills, here’s a guide to the top weaving supplies.

The Textile Industry in 2022

The textile industry encompasses a huge array of operations, from large corporations that mass-produce goods to independent weavers that sell directly to customers. Small businesses in this space generally don’t compete with larger operations in terms of price. Instead, they set themselves apart by offering unique, hand-crafted products and personalized service.


Top Places to Buy Weaving Supplies for Your Business

There are many stores and resources that carry a wide selection of weaving supplies and kits. Read on for a full list of places to source weaving products for your new business.

1. Amazon

Amazon offers a wide selection of weaving supplies and equipment, including looms, yarn in various colors, and books and kits ideal for beginners. The site is known for providing tons of value and fulfilling each order quickly, with two-day free shipping available on many products for Prime members.

2. Etsy

Etsy is home to a vast array of unique craft supplies, including various yarn and weaving supplies. You can find hand-dyed and hand-spun yarns and threads, along with handcrafted wooden tools like dowels, combs, and shed sticks.


WEBS is known as “America’s Yarn Store.” The website, catalog, and store chain provide a huge array of yarn and thread for various craft projects, including weaving. The company also offers looms, books, and various tools.

4. The Woolery

The Woolery is an online store that specializes in all things fiber crafts. They have a great selection of yarn, along with all the accessories you may need to learn how to weave.

5. The Weavers Loft

The Weavers Loft is an online shop completely dedicated to weaving supplies. The shop is based in Southeastern Indiana but ships products throughout the entire country. They even provide free shipping on orders over $135 to most locations.

6. Vermont Weaving Supplies

Vermont Weaving Supplies offers a wide array of weaving supplies for customers of any skill level. Not only does the shop carry various fibers, looms, and equipment, but they also offer helpful service to guide customers to their most relevant products.

7. Pacific Wool and Fiber

Pacific Wool and Fiber specializes in quality yarn and weaving supplies. The shop offers various looms, threads, and accessories for weavers of various skill levels. They ship throughout the country and offer free shipping for orders of at least $150 within the continental U.S.

8. Paradise Fibers

Paradise Fibers is a Washington-based company that specializes in weaving supplies and other fiber crafts. You can find an array of quality tools, along with blog posts to grow your expertise and a loyalty program for returning customers.

9. Gist Yarn

Gist Yarn is an online shop that provides yarn and fibers for various crafts, including weaving. You can also find patterns, tools, and educational resources on the site.

10. eBay

EBay is a marketplace site that offers a large selection of weaving supplies and accessories, including yarn, looms, and quality equipment. Since items come from various sellers, you can constantly find new options and deals on the website.

Essential Weaving Supply Options

There are a variety of quality materials you may need to complete various weaving projects. Here are some of the most common ones that weavers often work with.


You can use yarn in various colors and materials to complete weaving projects. You can find a huge selection from the sources above.


Patterns can be a great way to learn how to weave various products. There are tons of books where you can find unique things to hone your skills or sell in your shop, though you may need to modify some specific patterns.


Dowels are wood or metal posts that you use to hold the top of a tapestry in place once you take it off the loom. You can also use this to hang woven items on your wall.

Warp Thread

Warp thread is a specific type of yarn or fiber that is stretched vertically along the loom. These are often thin, strong fibers that are also available in various colors and materials.

Wool Roving

Wool roving is a thicker, unfinished fiber that can either be spun into yarn or added to woven tapestries as-is.

Weaving Tools and Equipment for Business

The right tools and equipment can make your favorite weaving projects even easier. Here are some great types of equipment to invest in as you start your weaving business.


There are various looms available to suit various types and styles of weaving projects. This option is ideal for beginners, but there are also looms that sit on the floor, tabletops, or on your lap as you learn to weave.

Tapestry Needle

Tapestry needles are long, blunt needles used to thread yarn and fibers through the loom to create various patterns.

Shed Stick

A shed stick is a tool used to separate threads that run along a loom to make it easier to thread your needle through each fiber.

Weaving Comb

A weaving comb can be used to push yarn or fibers closer together to make tapestries stronger and more durable.


Scissors with a detail point can be used to trim yarn and make any necessary cuts to your finished designs.

Skein Winder

A skein winder is a tool used to wind yarn and keep it untangled as you work through your weaving project.

What Is the Best First Loom for Beginning Weavers?

If you’re looking to purchase your first loom to learn how to weave, a rigid-heddle loom is a fairly simple style that doesn’t include extra features that may overwhelm beginners. Start with a loom between about 15 and 25 inches wide, which provides enough space to maneuver comfortably but isn’t large enough to require hours of work.

What Kind of Yarn Do You Use for Weaving?

You can use a variety of yarn and threads for various weaving projects. The most common fibers include wool, cotton, and rayon. Consider the type of product you want to produce to determine the best materials for each project.

What Devices Are Used for Weaving?

Looms are the main devices used to weave cloths and tapestries. There are many different types and sizes available, including floor looms, table looms, rigid heddle looms, pin looms, and more. Selecting the right loom for each project can make it easy to master your craft.

What Products Can You Make by Weaving?

There’s a huge array of things you can make using weaving techniques. Popular items include rugs, tapestries, scarves, bags, and jewelry. You can customize each item by design, color, and technique.

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