20 Best Marketing Franchises to Start

April 11, 2023

Traditional TV, radio, print media, flyers and billboards are all forms of advertising and marketing strategy. Statistics show, however, that business owners are now spending about 40% of their advertising dollars on digital marketing.

So why should consider buying a franchise marketing agency? Because for many business owners, running the business system takes up all their time. They need to put their advertising and marketing strategy into capable hands.

You come to them with the proven brand consistency of a marketing franchise, and that helps them choose where to spend their advertising dollars.

What is a Marketing Franchise

A marketing franchise has choices for advertising strategies, which may include digital marketing solutions, direct mail, social media and other options. With franchise marketing, the franchise has a proven business model so that it can maintain brand consistency.

The Marketing Industry in 2023

The US has the biggest chunk of the marketing industry, where business owners spend more than $200 billion on marketing products annually.

Since the 1990s, the growing trend in marketing strategy has leaned to reaching out with online advertising, including email marketing, social media and search engine optimization on websites and information.

Why You Should Consider Marketing and Advertising Franchise Opportunities

Owning a franchise of any sort is a great way to make a start at running your own business. Here’s why a marketing franchise may be perfect for you:

Despite your best marketing efforts, this can be a difficult business to start on your own.
You’ll have proven access to the marketplace.
Franchise owners get comprehensive training, including a franchise marketing plan.
You’ll go to customers backed with the franchise reputation of a full-service marketing agency.
Lenders favor the franchise business model.
Many opportunities can be home-based franchises.

Top Marketing Franchises

These leading digital marketing agencies are franchises that help their owners bag advertising customers. And it’s not just local businesses, although that can be a focus – you can steer current and future customers to digital marketing efforts that reach far and wide, using social media, interactive marketing and more.

Most franchise marketing strategy also includes a local marketing campaign in traditional styles, such as flyers and radio/newspaper advertising.

Here’s a brief look at the 20 leaders we’ve selected.

1. Valpak Direct Marketing Systems Inc.

Valpak is a leading direct marketing franchise. The company specializes in direct mail and digital marketing, including coupons and promo codes. It can cost $80,000 or up to $200,000 for bigger franchise development ventures.

2. The AD Leaf Creative Marketing

The Ad Leaf tweaks its franchise advertising style to combine traditional and digital marketing. Franchise start up fees are about $25,000.

3. N-Compass TV

N-Compass TV creates an indoor billboard network, to be displayed as a form of video marketing where people work, shop, eat and play. The franchise start-up fees are about $35,000.

4. Mobile App City Distributorship

With a Mobile App City franchise, you’ll provide a range of digital services focused on creating Apps for small and medium-sized businesses to be used on mobile devices or on a company website. Franchise start-up is about $20,000.

5. Signarama

Just as it sounds, this advertising franchise specializes in creating quality signs to draw foot traffic into a business. Signarama is a very profitable brand. The franchise start-up cost is about $60,000.

6. PerkUp

This franchise is very popular with owners who like to focus on local businesses in their own areas.PerkUp uses text marketing and digital loyalty programs, which can use social media or website interactions. The franchise cost is less than $500.

7. WSI Digital Marketing

With a WSI Digital Marketing franchise, you’ll be part of a global marketing strategy with a corporate team that links you to other WSI franchises. Expect to spend at least $50,000 in start-up costs.

8. Money Mailer

The Money Mailer franchise is for the owner who wants to focus on the local market, working with customers in a community by promoting the best local deals in businesses such as local restaurants, by publishing flyers similar to a town money saver. The cost to get started is about $60,000.

9. Alpha Graphics

Alpha Graphics franchise marketing efforts focus on brand identity with impactful signs and graphics being key in the business model. The marketing strategy focuses on Alpha Graphics is on the brand image and brand message.

10. Postnet neighborhood business centers or Sir Speedy

These franchises, both Postnet and Sir Speedy, provide printing, signs, and even business cards and stationery. Because of the extensive equipment – and the need for a Brick and Mortar presence – the start-up cost is from $225,000 to $280,000.

More of the Best Franchise Marketing Opportunities

A franchise model may be focused on a certain type of business, such as an online store. The franchise industry in marketing includes many types. Here are more that may be specific to certain types of businesses.

11. Hommati

Hommati is an advertising franchise that handles self-employed real estate agents. Hommati franchise owners with real estate agent clients focus on building digital platforms, text and messaging responses and social media presence for individual agents. Costs to get started range fro $35,000 to $50,000.

12. Fundraising U

This is a great franchise for someone who wants to be his or her own boss, and who is connected with local schools. This franchise has tons of brand equity and is trusted by many educational institutions. You as the Fundraising U franchise owner help school organizations raise money by executing proven strategies. The costs to get started are around $100,000.

13. Instant Imprints

Nothing spreads the notoriety of an entire brand like customer t-shirts, signs and embroidering for a business. Yes, Instant Imprints is a more traditional form of advertising but is a service needed by many businesses. Costs to get started, including equipment, are about $100,000.

14. Fully Promoted

A Fully Promoted franchise creates custom apparel and also various promotional products to help spread a business’s brand messages. There are branding guidelines, but within the brand, guidelines are opportunities for creativity. Cost to get started ranges from $100,000 to $250,000.

15. Site Swan

A member of the web marketing association, the Site Swan franchise gives the franchisee the tools to provide web design. Also, you will learn how to charge ongoing fees for digital marketing services such as web hosting and other web-based tasks, such as responding to requests for information/mailings. The cost to get started is less than $500.

16. FastSigns

The FastSigns franchise focuses on creating indoor and outdoor signs, as well as banners. The cost to get started is about $80,000.

17. The Inside Coup

The Inside Coup is a high-end magazine with a catalog look, mailed to demographically specific homes. The cost to get started is about $50,000.

18. RSVP Publications

The RSVP Publications franchise model is to mail postcards to upscale businesses and people as the target audience. Studies on customer behavior show that this type of direct advertising is successful. The cost to start ranges from $45,000 to $175,000.

19. Aarrow Advertising

The Aarrow Advertising franchise produces spinning signs used in outdoor marketing. The cost to start ranges from $36,000 to $80,000.

20. Digital Marketing Training Group

With the Digital Marketing Training Group franchise model, the franchisee undergoes an intensive training course based on the Digital Marketing Training Group own proprietary digital processes. The franchisee then uses those processes under his or her own business identity. The cost is about $30,000.

How to Choose the Best Franchise to Set Up Your Marketing Company

You know the old advice – Do what you love and you’ll love your work. Are you enamored of social media? Then you’d enjoy a franchise that focuses on social media management and digital advertising. Are you more of a traditionalist? Then you’ll lean towards print media, flyers, and other marketing materials.

Here are some more tips to help you choose:

The marketing budget of Your Potential Clients

In other words, who will be your targeted customers? Can they afford the fees that are required by your chosen franchise.


Do you want to service the market in a particular location, large or small businesses, or go global?

How much can you afford to spend?

Some of the most successful franchises (rightfully so) have the highest costs to get started.


Will you receive support and training from the parent company of the franchise organization? How much of that do you need as a franchise owner.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Marketing Franchise?

Costs can range from $500 to $250,000. If the franchise requires a Brick and Mortar location, or specialized equipment, the costs are higher.

Are Marketing Franchises Profitable Local Businesses?

On average a marketing franchise owner clears $60,000 annually.

What Is the Best Digital Marketing Franchise?

According to ratings from 2022, Signarama franchise owners who worked full-time grossed about $1 million in sales. Part-timers grossed about $386,000 in sales. Those owners were in business for 10 years.

Why Is Online Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?

The most effective marketing is the type that delivers the message to the consumer. With more and more consumers spending time online, franchise digital marketing using online strategies. It’s the modern form of print direct marketing.

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