50 Craft Business Ideas

May 22, 2023

Craft businesses can be both fun and profitable. However, you first need to find the right idea that will maximize your strengths and appeal to customers. If you’re looking for the perfect craft business idea to start, here’s a full list of options to consider.

What Crafts Are in High Demand Right Now?

There are a variety of crafts in high demand right now, as consumers value the personal nature of handmade gifts and custom designs. Some of the most popular categories for craft items include jewelry, candles, bath and beauty products, handmade clothing, and artwork.

50 of The Best Craft Business Ideas

If you’re a creative person looking to start your own craft business in this billion-dollar industry, here are some of the best craft business ideas you can start today.

1. Gift Basket Business

Gift baskets can include handmade baskets and a variety of crafts, from candles to fashion accessories.

2. Greeting Cards

Design your own paper goods like holiday cards and stationery and offer them in small packages.

3. Candle Making

Scented candles are some of the most popular gifts around. Make your own blends and offer candles in a variety of sizes and styles.

4. Home Decor

There’s a huge array of home decor items that you can make by hand and sell online or at local shops. For instance, you may weave unique tapestries, create resin coasters, or even craft upcycled furniture.

5. Jewelry-Making Business

There’s a huge array of jewelry to make and sell for profit. Consider specializing in beaded bracelets, simple necklaces, or offer a variety of earrings, rings, and more.

6. Customized T-Shirts

Design and print your own t-shirts with unique designs. You can either customize this by hand or use a printing service to speed up the process.

7. Fashion Industry

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, craft your own fashionable clothing items like dresses and stylish tops and offer them at local boutiques or online.

8. Knitting Business

Love knitting? Use your skills to craft hats, scarves, blankets, toys, or a huge array of items.

9. Sticker Business

Start your own sticker business where you print unique designs and sell them to consumers or offer packs to businesses on a wholesale basis.

10. Dried Flower Business

You can use dried flowers in a variety of crafts, from wall art to paper goods.

11. Calligraphy Business

Start your own business offering hand-lettered greeting cards or other products to consumers. This is also one of the best creative business ideas that can be turned into a service; offer calligraphy to those needing invitations or cards addressed to specific individuals.

12. Essential Oils

Make your own blends of essential oils and offer them in bottles or other home and beauty products. This can be a successful business due to the high demand for natural products.

13. Bath Bombs

Bath products are huge in the craft industry right now, including bath bombs made of salt and other natural ingredients.

14. Digital Art

Create your own designs and offer them as a digital download online. This can be an incredibly lucrative business, since you can sell each design multiple times and don’t need to invest in shipping.

15. Picture Frames

Offer handmade frames for sale, or provide custom framing services in your area.

16. Make Christmas Wreaths

If you want to use your artistic skills to create Christmas crafts, make and sell, design and make holiday wreaths. You can use various materials, from real greenery to synthetic fibers.

17. Online Courses in Crafts

If you’re looking for a business venture that can be done mainly online, create online courses where you teach your craft of choice to other creatives.

18. Craft Blog

You could also start a blog where you share craft tutorials or a behind-the-scenes look at how you run your craft business.

19. Custom Ornament Business

Another craft business idea that’s especially popular around the holidays offer custom ornaments in a specific style. Customers often pay extra for personalization, like names, dates, or images.

20. Costume Business

If you want to create a shop specializing in Halloween crafts, offer handmade costumes for kids or adults.

21. Basket Weaving

Basket weaving is a traditional craft you can turn into a business by selling your handmade creations online or in a local market.

22. Furniture Business

Make your own furniture or upcycle finds from your local thrift store. Since these pieces are large, they’re usually best suited for sale locally.

23. Photography Business

Take beautiful photographs and then offer them as prints or digital downloads.

24. Embroidery Business

Offer embroidered products or provide custom embroidery services for customers who want to provide their own garments.

25. Hair Accessories

Sell unique hair accessories like headbands, bows, or barrettes.

26. Handmade Toy Shop

Make toys out of wood, fabric, or felt and sell them to parents or local gift shops.

27. Holiday Decor Business

Whether you specialize in Christmas, Halloween, or Thanksgiving crafts, you can sell tons of decor items to families throughout the year.

28. Sell Original Paintings

If you love painting, sell your canvases to consumers at art galleries, local shops, or online.

29. Pottery Business

With a few pieces of pottery equipment, you can make your own mugs, bowls, and ceramic products to sell.

30. Soap Business

Handmade soaps are popular gift items. Sell products individually or as part of gift baskets.

31. Glass Blowing

With the right glass blowing equipment, you can create one-of-a-kind vases, beads, and glassware.

32. Craft Supply Business

You can also sell many craft supplies to other hobbyists or small business owners.

33. Weaving Business

Weaving is a traditional craft where you create unique textiles out of fibers like yarn and thread.

34. Custom Illustrations

Use your drawing skills to create portraits or other illustrations requested by customers.

35. Woodworking

For those with some woodworking skills and equipment, there are many products you can sell for profit, from furniture to birdhouses.

36. Quilting

Quilting is another popular traditional craft. Sell large pieces locally or offer squares that can be shipped easily.

37. Custom Fabrics

Use your design skills to create fabrics with unique patterns to sell.

38. Yarn Shop

You may also spin your own yarn using raw fibers and sell these pieces at a premium.

39. Hand-Dyed Textiles

Dye various fibers like yarn and fabric and sell your creations to other crafters.

40. Craft Patterns

Many crafts, like knitting and sewing, use patterns as a sort of instruction manual. You can sell physical patterns or offer them as a digital download.

41. Scrapbooking Business

If you love scrapbooking, offer materials for sale or create custom pages for your customers.

42. Screen Printing

Screen printing can be used on t-shirts, mugs, and a huge range of products that can easily be sold online.

43. Resin Crafts

Resin is an incredibly versatile material that you can use to make jewelry, beads, coasters, and more.

44. Craft Book Author

If you specialize in a particular craft for a niche market, consider writing a book offering tips for other business owners or sharing your story.

45. Craft YouTube Business

YouTube provides a great platform for building an online business. Share tutorials or behind the scenes looks at your operations and earn income from the site’s ad sharing program.

46. Craft Podcast

With a craft podcast, you can share tips and insights for crafters in an audio format and earn money from sponsors.

47. Craft Influencer

As an influencer, you can share content on your website and social media channels and partner with brands like craft suppliers.

48. Craft Fair Operator

Start a craft fair in your area and partner with makers looking for places to sell their handmade goods locally.

49. Craft Marketplace Website

You can even start your own online store where other craft business owners can sign up for an account to sell their creations. This may be especially useful if you have a specific target market, since there are already plenty of options for general craft DIY craft business owners.

50. Craft Business Consultant

Consult with handmade business owners to help them select the best DIY business ideas, hone their skills, and master search engine optimization.

What are The Most Profitable Craft Business Ideas?

The most profitable craft business ideas include low cost products that can be sold at scale, like jewelry, art prints, and soaps.

Where to Sell Handmade Items from Your Craft Business

Once you determine what crafts to sell, it’s time to figure out where to sell handmade items to customers. There are a variety of channels you can use, from online to in-person. Some sellers even utilize multiple techniques. Check out the options below to create your own strategy for selling crafts.

Local Retailers

Partner with small shops in your area to sell your crafts on a wholesale basis. This often involves selling larger quantities of items on a wholesale basis. And the shop will mark them up slightly to sell them to consumers.

Retail Shops

There are also larger nationwide retailers that sometimes offer handmade crafts. This is often reserved for craft businesses that are able to produce large quantities.

Social Media Platforms

Sell directly to customers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Many platforms have purchasing options built in, or you can facilitate sales through direct messages.

Your Own Website

Set up your own site where you list products for sale and market directly to customers.

Crafts Fairs

Research local events that partner with independent vendors. This is an ideal place to reach local customers without a large upfront investment.

Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon Handmade let craft businesses list products and reach shoppers who are searching for specific products on these sites.

Why Starting Your Own Craft Business is a Great Idea

Craft businesses can be both fun and profitable, allowing you to sell in-demand products that you enjoy making. Many of the craft business ideas listed above can even be run out of your own home.

The Bottom Line

Running a successful Etsy shop or other craft businesses can be personally fulfilling. But you first need to find an excellent craft business idea that suits your skills and preferences. Check the list above for tons of profitable craft business ideas to try this year.

Craft Business Ideas FAQs

What is The Best Craft Business Idea?

The best craft business idea is one that you enjoy and where there’s demand for your specific type of product. There are many things to make and sell for profit, including knitting projects, resin crafts, and mason jar crafts. See the list above for even more small business ideas in the handmade crafts space.

What are Some Good Craft Business Ideas?

Nearly any craft you are interested in can be turned into a business. Some popular craft business ideas include handmade candles, jewelry, and home decor. See the list above for even more ideas.

How do I Start a Small Craft Business?

To start a small craft business, determine what type of products you want to sell and master your craft. Once you’ve created some products, take photos and list products online, either on your own website or on marketplace sites like Etsy. You can also sell handmade products in person at craft fairs or flea markets.

What Craft Business Can I do at Home?

You can make many crafts at home and sell online or at local events. For example, you may make jewelry in your guest room or set up a candle making operation in your kitchen.

What is the Best Craft Business to Start?

Many craft business ideas can be profitable and enjoyable. Some examples include making Cricut crafts, creating custom portraits, and starting a candle business. See the list above for even more ideas.

Can a Small Craft Business be a Profitable Business?

Small craft businesses can certainly be profitable. However, you need to price items with both your business costs and time in mind. You also need to market your business to your target customers effectively in order to make enough sales to turn a profit.

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