8th Consecutive Month of YoY Online Price Decreases, Adobe DPI Reveals

May 18, 2023

In what marks the eighth consecutive month of Year-over-Year (YoY) price decreases, the Adobe Digital Price Index (DPI) reports that online prices fell by 1.8% in April 2023 compared to the same month last year. These findings present a golden opportunity for small businesses, as lower prices can foster increased consumer activity and purchases, thereby boosting sales and revenue.

Adobe’s DPI, a comprehensive tracking tool for online consumer prices, observed this decreasing trend across a majority of categories, with 11 out of 18 experiencing a drop in annual pricing. This trend was primarily driven by appliances, which saw a record-breaking 7.1% YoY fall, marking the most significant drop since Adobe initiated online price tracking in 2014.

Other categories that witnessed significant YoY price drops include sporting goods (down 6.4%), toys (down 5.9%), and home/garden items (down 5.6%). Electronics and computers also saw a steep decline in prices, falling by 11.6% and 15.4% YoY respectively. This drop in prices can mean a competitive edge for small businesses in these sectors, as they can attract more customers with lower prices while maintaining profitability.

While grocery prices have seen a persistent inflation trend, YoY price increases have been slowing down for the past seven consecutive months. Though groceries saw a 9.3% YoY increase (up 0.4% MoM), the growth rate was slower compared to 10.3% YoY in March 2023 and 11.4% YoY in February 2023. For small businesses in the grocery sector, this slowing rate of inflation could translate into more stable pricing and potentially increased sales volume.

The DPI also highlighted the flowers/related gifts category, which saw the most significant YoY decrease of 27%. Conversely, seven categories experienced YoY price increases, including personal care, pet products, grocery, non-prescription drugs, tools/home improvement, medical equipment/supplies, and apparel.

With 10 out of the 18 categories in the DPI seeing a monthly price decrease and eight categories observing a price increase, the data suggests that online prices are fluctuating in both directions.

For small businesses, understanding these trends can be crucial for strategic decision-making. Lower prices in certain sectors may signal a ripe time for investment or an opportunity to capture market share by offering competitive pricing. Conversely, sectors seeing price increases may demand a closer look at supply chains and cost management to maintain profitability.

Ultimately, the DPI’s data on price trends offers invaluable insights for small businesses. As online commerce continues to play a significant role in today’s economy, tracking these trends can provide the necessary intelligence to make informed business decisions, optimize pricing strategies, and maximize profitability.

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