Apple Commits to 100% Recycled Cobalt in Batteries

April 23, 2023

Apple recently announced a new target of using 100% recycled cobalt in all Apple-designed batteries by the year 2025.

The announcement marks a ‘major acceleration’ of Apple’s work to expand the use of recycled materials across its products. The company also plans to use only recycled rare earth elements in Apple devices, as well as 100% recycled tin soldering and 100 percent recycled gold plating in all Apple-designed printed circuit boards.

Cobalt is an important ingredient of the batteries used in most consumer electronics such as Apple devices. The material provides a high energy density while having significant longevity and safety.

The use of 100% certified recycled cobalt in Apple products has been expanding over the past three years, and advanced so far that Apple are now confident of reaching the 2025 target.

The company already achieved a quarter of all cobalt found in Apple products coming from recycled material by 2022, and now over two-thirds of all aluminum in Apple products is sourced from 100% recycled material, as well as nearly three-quarters of all rare earths, and more than 95% of all tungsten.

Speaking via the Apple newsroom website, CEO Tim Cook said: “Every day, Apple is innovating to make technology that enriches people’s lives, while protecting the planet we all share. From the recycled materials in our products, to the clean energy that powers our operations, our environmental work is integral to everything we make and to who we are. So we’ll keep pressing forward in the belief that great technology should be great for our users, and for the environment.”

Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, added: “Our ambition to one day use 100% recycled and renewable materials in our products works hand in hand with Apple 2030: our goal to achieve carbon neutral products by 2030. We’re working toward both goals with urgency and advancing innovation across our entire industry in the process.”

Complementing the recycled cobalt usage, Apple’s 2025 target also includes the elimination of plastics from the company’s packaging. The company are developing fiber alternatives for packaging components like screen films, wraps, and foam cushioning.

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