Apple Unveils M2 Ultra

June 10, 2023

Apple announced the M2 Ultra, a new system on a chip (SoC) promising to propel Mac performance to unprecedented heights. This technology is expected to revolutionize small businesses’ computing needs, providing massive performance gains and promoting work efficiency.

The M2 Ultra forms the largest and most potent chip Apple has ever developed, powering the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro. It employs a second-generation 5-nanometer process and uses Apple’s groundbreaking UltraFusion technology to connect the die of two M2 Max chips, thereby doubling the performance.

Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Technologies, Johny Srouji, believes the M2 Ultra is a significant leap in the computing world. He stated, “M2 Ultra delivers astonishing performance and capabilities for our pro users’ most demanding workflows, while maintaining Apple silicon’s industry-leading power efficiency. With huge performance gains in the CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine, combined with massive memory bandwidth in a single SoC, M2 Ultra is the world’s most powerful chip ever created for a personal computer.”

For small businesses, this massive leap in computing power can prove transformative. It supports up to a breakthrough 192GB of memory capacity, 50 percent more than M1 Ultra, and features 800GB/s of memory bandwidth — twice that of M2 Max. Moreover, the M2 Ultra showcases a more powerful CPU that’s 20 percent faster than M1 Ultra, a larger GPU that’s up to 30 percent faster, and a Neural Engine that’s up to 40 percent faster. The performance of the M2 Ultra empowers small businesses to accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently, effectively improving productivity.

The M2 Ultra is built from two M2 Max dies connected through UltraFusion, Apple’s industry-leading, custom-built packaging technology. This setup enables the M2 Ultra to function as a single chip to software, meaning there is no need for code rewriting to harness the power of M2 Ultra.

Its performance is unparalleled. The 24-core CPU consists of 16 next-generation high-performance cores and eight next-generation high-efficiency cores, delivering up to 20 percent faster performance than M1 Ultra. Additionally, the GPU can be configured with 60 or 76 next-generation cores, rendering 3D effects up to three times faster than Mac Studio with M1 Ultra.

Furthermore, the M2 Ultra has brought forward innovations in memory architecture. Apple’s unified memory architecture delivers incredible bandwidth, low latency, and unmatched power efficiency. The memory can be configured with a massive 192GB of unified memory, enabling workflows not possible on a PC.

Finally, the M2 Ultra integrates Apple’s latest custom technologies right on the chip, boosting performance and efficiency. It features a 32-core Neural Engine, delivering 31.6 trillion operations per second, which is 40 percent faster performance than M1 Ultra.

Image: Apple

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