Bard Expands Reach: New Languages, More Visual Interaction, and Integrated Services

May 13, 2023

Today, Bard, the innovative platform that allows users to collaborate with generative AI, announces new updates that will make the platform more accessible, more interactive, and more integrated. This comes less than two months after Bard’s initial launch and is a direct response to user feedback.

The Bard team is excited to remove the waitlist and expand access to over 180 countries and territories. In addition to this, Bard is now available in Japanese and Korean, with plans to support 40 languages soon. This global expansion aligns with Bard’s vision of creating a platform that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. However, Bard’s team remains committed to maintaining high standards for quality and local nuances, adhering closely to their AI Principles.

In addition to expanding its global reach, Bard is also becoming more visual. Users will soon be able to supplement their prompts with images, allowing for even more creativity and imagination. This will be made possible by integrating Google Lens into Bard. For example, users can upload a photo and ask Bard to generate a funny caption, leveraging Google Lens to analyze the photo and create context-aware responses.

Bard is also set to become more integrated. There are plans to weave the capabilities of popular Google apps, such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, and Maps, directly into Bard’s user experience. Users will have full control over their privacy settings when deciding how to use these tools and extensions. Further, Bard is working to integrate services from across the web, including Adobe Firefly, Kayak, OpenTable, ZipRecruiter, Instacart, Wolfram, and Khan Academy.

Bard is also introducing key coding upgrades. These include more precise source citations, a Dark theme, and an ‘Export’ button, which enables users to export and run code with Replit. Additionally, users will have the ability to move Bard’s responses directly into Gmail and Docs, streamlining the drafting process for emails and documents.

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