Cloud Printing Revolution: Top 10 Providers Redefining the Game

June 14, 2023

The cloud printing services market was valued at $1.381 billion in 2022. By 2032, it is forecasted to be worth $4,368 billion. This article will walk you through why you need this service for your small business. And a list of the top 10 cloud printing providers to help you make the right choice.

What is Cloud Printing?

This is a service that will allow people to print from any device that’s connected to a network. That includes tablets, laptops, smartphones, and workstations.

Cloud print services are useful in places like shared workspaces and hybrid office atmospheres. It’s easy to scale up or down with the cloud print structure. Plus, there are fewer infrastructure and hardware costs.

The Evolution of Cloud Printing Solutions

The first step in the evolution of cloud printing began with network print servers around 2000. Printers were connected to a local network. The evolution of this printing solution peaked when Google introduced Google Cloud Print in 2010. It ended support for this print management tool in 2020.

These tools allow for mobility and flexibility. Cloud printing services have allowed employees to connect regardless of their location.

The Key Components of Quality Cloud Printing Solutions

Good cloud printing services have the following features.

Security. Encryption is one of the first features you should be looking for. Make sure both outgoing and incoming information is covered. Make sure the cloud printing services are looking at maintaining regulatory compliance too.
Scalability. A good cloud printing option scales up or down with the needs of your business. Make sure you can add the best all-in-one printers in different locations as your business grows.
Compatibility. Make sure the service can work with everything from desktops to smartphones. The file formats need to be considered. And the printing service should be compatible with wired and wireless networks.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Cloud Print Service

Consider your industry’s compliance requirements before choosing a cloud printing service. And some industries have legal print management necessities.

Google Cloud Print Alternatives: What to Look For

Google Cloud Print allowed any web-connected device to use its services. Support was discontinued in 2020. That made finding google cloud print alternatives important.

An alternative to the Google Cloud platform needs to have mobile printing options, user-friendly configuration, and other features.

Harnessing Cloud Printing Services for Mobile Devices

A cloud printing solution for mobile devices has advantages for businesses, like increased client satisfaction through on-demand services. And less paper is used. Plus, you can manage everything from a single interface.

The Top 10 Cloud Printing Services for Businesses

Finding the right cloud printing services for your small business doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Following is a list of 10 printing options.

1. Papercut Mobility Print

Papercut Mobility Print covers a bunch of different devices, like iOs, Chrome, and Android plus a few others. Scale up to include tens of thousands of users. A leading alternative to Google Cloud Print.

2. Samsung Mobile Print

The app is free. Print documents, web pages, and photos from your mobile device. There are over 10 million downloads of the app.

3. Xerox Mobile Print

This is a great alternative to Google Cloud Print. Great for businesses using Chromebook.

4. Microsoft Universal Print

This is a Microsoft 365 cloud printing option. It offers features like document conversion. It’s a printing solution that also has universal print connector software.

5. Canon PIXMA Cloud Link

Access your files directly from a photo sharing, storage, or storage location.

6. Dell Mobile Print

Dell boasts that the printouts happen in as little as 10 seconds.

7. Fuji Xerox Print Utility

Another free app on Google Play. Get all the basic functions like print, scan, fax, and copy.

8. Konica Minolta Mobile Print

A simple interface makes this one of the more popular Google Cloud Print alternatives. Switch between printing and scanning quickly.

9. Oki Mobile Print

This tool is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

10. Lexmark Mobile Printing

Find a printer through the QR code discovery options.

FAQ: Cloud Printing

What is Cloud Print?

This is a service that Google discontinued. The term also refers to the ability to print documents via the cloud and over the Internet.

How do you do cloud printing?

There are some alternatives to the Google Cloud printing service that was discontinued. Check your printer’s manufacturer. Many of these offer their options. You can even add cloud printing to a Chromebook network. There are even outsourced cloud printing options from vendors like Staples and UPS.

Is Cloud Print still available?

No. The service was discontinued on December 31, 2020.

What is the alternative to Google Cloud Print 2023?

There are several different alternatives. There are services available for cloud printing, including Ezeep Dash and the services listed above. Some require plugins and subscriptions to get up and running.

How secure is cloud printing?

Private, public, and hybrid choices exist when looking for a cloud printing solution. There’s more software available in the public cloud now. Still, the private cloud option is the most secure. The public cloud is no different than sending emails.

Can I use cloud printing from any device?

That depends on the service. Usually, computers, tablets, smartphones, and even Chromebooks will print from the cloud.

How does cloud printing improve business operations?

There are several ways that cloud printing is good for small businesses.

Employees can print out important data and documents from anywhere. That’s great for organizations with mobile sales teams.
Managers can control printing from one location.
There are cost savings. There’s no need for dedicated software and cloud print servers.

Cloud printing is green. It reduces the amount of paper used and waste.

What should I consider when choosing a cloud print service?

There are several things to consider with one of these print services, like the ability to integrate with existing IT systems.

A good cloud-based service will also be scalable. And you should be looking at some other features like document capture. Plus, excellent analytics and reporting capabilities.

Don’t forget good cloud print security. A good candidate needs to have top-notch encryption.

How Can Cloud Printing Services Enhance Print Management?

Using a cloud printing service allows businesses real-time visibility. Metrics are easy to access so management can see how much ink, toner, and other materials like paper are being used.

That means the cost savings, as well as security, can be handled from one location. Cloud printing services also allow print management to integrate mobile printing.

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