Google Giving Its Search Engine AI Chat Capabilities

April 8, 2023

Google has announced its intention to improve its search engine by integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) chat features that allow more natural, interactive communication with users. CEO Sundar Pichai shared these plans in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

The tech giant’s move to incorporate AI technology into its search engine signifies Google’s determination to remain competitive with companies such as OpenAI, which is backed by Microsoft and responsible for the chatbot ChatGPT. Pichai brushed aside concerns that chatbots could endanger Google’s search business, which is responsible for a majority of the company’s revenue. Instead, he believes that the addition of AI to Google search will enable it to address a wider range of search queries.

Pichai sees the potential for growth in the sector, stating that “the opportunity space, if anything, is bigger than before.”

In the meantime, Microsoft has launched an enhanced version of its Bing search engine, now utilizing ChatGPT, a product originally developed by research company OpenAI. The introduction of ChatGPT has caught the tech industry’s attention, as this AI-driven bot can produce human-like text such as emails, reports, summaries, and even creative writing.

Thanks to its generative AI feature, Bing achieved over 100 million daily active users in March, as reported in a Microsoft blog post. Furthermore, the tech company is incorporating chatbot technology into its Edge browser.

Pichai welcomes competition from other tech giants and mentioned Google’s own AI chatbot, Bard. The bot was introduced earlier this year for a limited group of “trusted testers” before its comprehensive release in March. According to Pichai, Bard aims to “combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence, and creativity of our large language models” while generating “fresh, high-quality responses” by drawing information from the web.

The push towards AI comes as several tech companies, including Google, implement cost-saving measures. Google reduced its workforce by 12,000 employees in January and has also announced cutbacks on perks like fitness classes and company-provided laptops, as reported by CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

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