Google Unveils Duet AI for Developers

May 23, 2023

Google Cloud has introduced Duet AI for developers, an advanced AI collaborator designed to augment developer productivity with real-time code suggestions, chat assistance, and enterprise customization. This development, aiming to leverage large language models (LLMs) for enterprise development, could signify a major leap in productivity.

Developers have always sought means to enhance their productivity. Over the past decades, we’ve witnessed impressive technological strides from advanced debuggers and online developer communities to modern IDEs/notebooks and cloud computing. However, developers face numerous challenges, especially in cloud development, including disruptive context switching, excessive time spent on repetitive tasks, difficulties understanding new code bases or projects, and the large cognitive workload associated with large code bases or complex APIs.

Duet AI, utilizing Codey, a series of code models built on PaLM 2, aims to address these challenges and help developers navigate tasks across the development lifecycle.

Enriching Developer Experience Across the Lifecycle

Duet AI has several key features that can significantly benefit developers:

Code/Boilerplate Generation: Duet AI can generate a reference implementation based on a developer’s description of a task, like creating a Cloud Pub/Sub topic, saving developers from sifting through multiple documentation pages.
Inline Code Completion: To cut down time spent on repetitive tasks and lessen cognitive workload, Duet AI offers intelligent, context-aware code completion, reducing coding time and enhancing code quality.
Enterprise Customization: Through Vertex AI, developers can tune and customize the underlying models to their needs, allowing Duet AI to support massive code bases and specific frameworks and best practices within organizations.
Code Explanation: Duet AI offers an “Explain this code” option, allowing developers to quickly understand, map, and navigate unfamiliar code bases.
Code Security Guardrails: Code generated by Duet AI can be scanned for vulnerable dependencies via Source Protect, which helps detect known public vulnerabilities in code and provides suggested fixes when available, ensuring additional security.

By integrating AI-driven developer assistance like Duet AI, businesses can unlock unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency in software development, heralding a new era of innovation and growth.

Duet AI’s early features for Google Cloud are currently available to limited users, with plans to expand access in the near future. Developers interested in this promising tool can sign up to join Google Cloud’s AI Trusted Tester Program here.

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