How to Choose an Airbnb Cleaning Service (+The Best Options)

May 3, 2023

An Airbnb host is a busy person. Keeping track of bookings, scheduling any necessary repairs, handling last-minute bookings and buying new bedding, towels and other supplies keeps Airbnb vacation rental hosts hopping.

That’s why many of them contract with a professional Airbnb cleaning service to handle that end of the vacation rental property business. Professional cleaners do quality work.

But how do you choose the right Airbnb cleaning service?

What is an Airbnb Cleaning Service?

Between the guest check out and the next guest check-in, Airbnb cleaning services handle the many tasks that are required.

Here are the typical tasks handled by cleaning companies:

Laundry – linens, towels, kitchen washcloths and towels
Dusting and vacuuming, cleaning all floors.
Cleaning bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, tubs/showers.
Washing dishes, cleaning kitchen appliances (microwave, coffee maker, stove)
Sanitizing all surfaces which guests may touch, such as door handles, kitchen cabinet pulls, drawer handles, and light switches.

In addition, cleaning crews may do deep cleaning services, as needed, such as shampooing carpets or cleaning the insides of cabinets. Or you may need deep cleaning on the outside patio or fire pit areas.

Why do I need an Airbnb cleaning service?

People book a stay – credit card required – and check out. Their stay can be one night or several nights.

Hosts may start out doing their own cleaning. After all, Airbnb only collects 3% of the cleaning fee, which is set by the hosts. In other words, hosts that clean their own vacation rentals also make money by doing the cleaning.

But having an immaculate vacation rental property is an extremely important part of ensuring guest satisfaction and part of guest expectations. In fact, it’s the number one factor mentioned in positive reviews. Negative reviews about the cleanliness of the property can greatly impact the popularity of your short-term rental.

Also, the short-term rental industry is booming. Guest bookings may be for just one or two days. The rental cleaning experience gets old! In addition, the host is pinned down into being always available for cleaning between check out and check in of the short-term rentals.

Types of Airbnb Cleaning Services

You can hire professional Airbnb cleaners, which can vary from a sole proprietor to a cleaning crew.

Or, you can hire property managers, who may have a cleaning crew for the inside work and other employees of the cleaning team who handle outside work, such as mowing, snow removal, maintenance of flower beds and other “curb appeal” tasks that go a long way toward ensuring positive reviews.

You can do the cleaning yourself, and only hire a cleaning crew for deep clean projects.

Some professional cleaners charge a flat fee and some require payment by the hour.

Hire An Airbnb Personal Maid

Upscale Airbnb properties may include a personal maid option, which would be chosen at the time of guest booking.

Why add this to your Airbnb options? Some guests, for example, may ask for a change of towels or linens, or spot cleaning, during their stay. However, hiring a personal maid may be challenging, since the person would have to basically be “on call.”

Hire A Professional Airbnb Cleaning Company

First, having a professional Airbnb cleaning service available with just a few clicks helps the host save time.

Often, once you contract, the cleaning service will use auto-scheduling. You don’t have to schedule cleanings – cross that off your to-do list.

Your Airbnb guest bookings can be connected to the cleaning services software, which will automatically schedule the cleaners to come as soon as guests check out. You can also send messages and share notes – such as the need to replenish supplies or replace worn bedding or towels. You can also submit payments to the company.

Top Considerations When Selecting the Best Airbnb Cleaning Service for Your Business

Airbnb Cleaning Fee

The fee is usually a percentage of the listing price, typically 25%. The fee range is usually between $75 and $95, depending on the space. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms. There may also be an additional fee charged for guests with pets.

When you’re hiring cleaners, you need to figure out how long it normally takes to clean the property. You have to decide whether you want to pay an hourly or flat rate to the cleaners.

What is Included in the Cleaning Package?

Laundry (bedding, towels, kitchen items), vacuuming and dusting, cleaning floors, wiping all surfaces, sanitizing “high touch” surfaces with disinfectant, cleaning bathrooms, washing and putting away dishes.

Are Cleaning Supplies Provided?

That is something you must decide. The company you hire to do the job may prefer to use their own cleaning supplies, including products and equipment (vacuums, mops, etc.)

What is the expected Turnaround Time?

Each Airbnb turnaround job must be accomplished between the check-out of the guests and the check-in of the new arrivals. Typically the time frame is about 4 hours.

Will the Airbnb Cleaning Crew Report Property Damage and Help You to Fix It?

The actual reporting of property damage is an important requirement and you should either require the crew to take pictures or take pictures yourself.

Airbnb reviews work both ways – they can be given by the guests and also by the host. For instance, if guests trash a property, the host can enter a negative review, and prospective hosts can see that.

Often a cleaning company does not double as a home repair company. Some do (see below) or you can hire a separate contractor to make repairs as needed.

Are The Professional Cleaners Screened?

Yes. To ensure their good reputation, a professional cleaning company wants to make sure they hire quality individuals who take pride in their work.

Best Places to Find Airbnb Cleaning Services

We have compiled a list of websites where you may start your search for cleaners:

1. Airtasker

Individual people post a profile on

2. Angi

People post a profile and site users post reviews at Angi.

3. Handy

If you want cleaners and fix-it services, try Handy.

4. HomeAdvisor

You can find cleaning people and services and contractor services on HomeAdvisor.

5. Thumbtack

You can browse personal profiles listed by cleaners, plumbers, electricians, etc. at Thumbtack.

6. Vacation Home Help

This company solely focuses on cleaning rental properties. Find them at

7. TurnoverBnB

TurnoverBnB is a cleaning company and maintenance App for property managers.

How to Find an Airbnb Cleaning Service

In addition to searching the web, you can:

Use word of mouth and Airbnb Forums
Check out what other hosts are saying on Airbnb Forums
Check your yellow pages for listings
Join your local Chamber of Commerce and network

Final Words

Hiring a professional cleaner or cleaning service gives Airbnb hosts more free time. And professionals are trained to do quality work.


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