How to Pitch Yourself to a Podcast: A Podcast Pitching Guide for Small Business Owners

May 22, 2023

My ongoing series about podcasting for small business owners has covered the 10 steps to start a podcast and 14 ways to promote a podcast. Now, we will take a different angle and focus on how to pitch yourself to a podcast as a guest. This article is for small business owners who don’t necessarily have their own podcast but would like to become a guest on other podcasts to promote their businesses and share their expertise. By following the tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to securing those coveted guest spots.

Why You Should Consider Being a Guest on a Podcast

Being a guest on a podcast can provide immense benefits to small business owners. It helps expand your reach, grow your audience, and position you as an industry authority. Podcasts offer a unique, intimate platform for sharing your story and connecting with potential customers. By leveraging the power of podcasts, you can increase brand awareness and credibility, build trust, and ultimately drive more business your way.

How to Find Podcasts to Pitch Yourself To

Before crafting the perfect podcast pitch, you need to identify the right shows to approach. Start by researching podcasts that are relevant to your niche or industry. Look for shows with a history of featuring guests with similar expertise or backgrounds, as they are more likely to be interested in what you offer. A few helpful resources for finding podcasts include iTunes, Spotify, and podcast directories like Listen Notes and Podchaser.

Once you’ve found a list of potential podcasts, take the time to listen to a few episodes of each. This will give you a better understanding of the show’s format, target audience, and topics they typically cover. By doing your homework, you’ll be able to craft a more personalized and targeted pitch, increasing your chances of being invited as a guest.

Building Relationships with Podcast Hosts

One often-overlooked aspect of pitching yourself to podcasts is the importance of building relationships with podcast hosts. Establishing a genuine connection with podcast hosts can significantly increase your chances of being invited as a guest on their show. 

Start by engaging with them on social media or email, sharing your thoughts on their latest episodes, or discussing topics relevant to their podcast. Demonstrating your genuine interest in their content will build rapport and trust, making them more likely to consider you as a guest.

Additionally, consider networking with other podcast guests in your industry. They can often provide valuable insights and recommendations for podcasts that may fit you well. By expanding your network and fostering relationships with podcast hosts and guests alike, you’ll be better equipped to pitch yourself effectively and secure guest appearances on relevant podcasts.

The #1 Thing to Keep in Mind

Before diving into our tips for pitching yourself to a podcast, it’s crucial to remember one key principle: your focus should be on adding value to the podcast, not solely on promoting your business. Podcast hosts aim to create episodes that intrigue, engage, and deliver value to their listeners, not sales pitches. With this in mind, approach your podcast pitch by identifying how and where you can add value to their show.

To achieve this, consider what unique insights, experiences, or expertise you can bring to the table. Be prepared to share actionable advice, engaging stories, or thought-provoking ideas that resonate with the podcast’s audience. When you make it your mission to provide value to the listeners, you’ll create a win-win situation for both you and the podcast host.

6 Tips for Pitching Yourself to a Podcast

With the advice above in mind, you can follow these 6 steps when pitching yourself to be a guest on a podcast and check this article for a few email templates.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

Your email subject line is the first thing a podcast host will see, so make it count. Keep it short, descriptive, and intriguing to grab their attention. Include your area of expertise or a specific topic you can speak about that aligns with the podcast’s theme. A strong subject line can make all the difference in getting your email opened and read.

Personalize Your Podcast Pitch

Show that you’ve taken the time to listen to their podcast by mentioning specific episodes or topics you enjoyed. This demonstrates genuine interest and proves you’re not just sending a generic, mass email. Explain why you think you’d be a great fit for their audience and how your expertise can provide value to their listeners.

Keep It Brief and to the Point

Podcast hosts are busy people, so keep your pitch concise and focused. Briefly introduce yourself, your background, and your expertise, and then dive into what you can offer as a guest. Highlight a few key talking points you’d like to discuss and explain how they align with the podcast’s theme and audience.

Showcase Your Credibility

Make sure to highlight your accomplishments, such as your experience in your industry, any awards or recognitions you’ve received, and any previous podcast appearances or speaking engagements. This will help establish your credibility and make it more likely that the podcast host will consider you as a guest.

Provide Links to Your Online Presence

Include links to your website, social media profiles, and relevant articles or resources showcasing your expertise. This makes it easy for podcast hosts to learn more about you and assess whether you’d be a good fit for their show.

Follow Up Respectfully

If you haven’t heard back after a week or two, send a polite follow-up email to remind the podcast host of your interest in being a guest. Keep it short and friendly, expressing your continued enthusiasm for their show and offering to provide any additional information they may need. Remember, persistence can pay off, but be respectful of their time and avoid excessive follow-ups.

Podcast Pitching: Your Next Steps

Now that you understand how to pitch yourself to a podcast, it’s time to implement these tips. Reach out to relevant podcasts in your niche and build relationships with hosts. By becoming a podcast guest, you can expand your audience, establish yourself as an expert in your field, and generate new opportunities for your small business.

And stay tuned for our final article in this series on podcasting, where we’ll explore how to monetize your podcast and turn your passion into profit.

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