How to Sell Furniture

May 16, 2023

Got used furniture sitting around? Are you looking for some extra cash by matching a potential buyer with new pieces and/or antique pieces? Start selling those items. It’s a lucrative side hustle.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about selling your items, from transacting with antique shops to doing business with furniture dealers and even selling online.

The Used Furniture Market in 2023

Secondhand and old furniture sales, including household goods, increased by over $2 billion in 2020. In a November survey, 48 % of respondents cited ease of purchase for buying these big-ticket items online.

However, a sales dip of 2.8% is forecast this year. Interest rate hikes and a drop in the housing market are spooking potential buyers.

Preparing Furniture for Sale

Still, you might be able to find potential buyers for your unwanted or manufactured furniture. You’ll have more luck selling items after adopting these tips. Remember, there are tax deduction incentives when you start your own business.

Clean and Repair The Furniture Pieces

Prospective buyers won’t want to see dust and cobwebs. A fresh coat of paint on second-hand furniture makes a difference.

Good Pictures Get The Best Price

Quality photos and online platforms go hand in hand. Sell faster with pictures from different angles. Vintage items need close-up shots of any damage.

Write a Good Ad

An accurate description will help to sell your used furniture. A detailed description includes the dimensions. And mention the name brand if there is one for new furniture.

How to Sell Furniture Online

If you want to sell your items online, follow a few simple steps. Online marketplaces are a good alternative to a yard sale. But there’s a process. Remember, in 2021, selling this way was worth $133 billion.

1. Choose The Right Model To Sell Items

Find older furniture and sell it on your own. Or manufacture office furniture and advertise through your online store. Source second-hand furniture from resellers. Or set up a place selling furniture online for designers.

The one you pick depends on storage, budget, and skill level.

2. Pick A Niche

The furniture market is saturated. You’ll be battling big-name brands in this home decor space. Finding a niche and a target market is important to sell your furniture. You can check off a few boxes, like style and use. One example is a minimalistic coffee table made from recycled materials geared toward local buyers. Consider the namesake furniture t-shirts for advertising.

3. Trends Matter

A bit of online research into the selling process should show you what’s doing well. Some colors and styles tend to endure. Other trends to pay attention to try and sell your furniture are colors and patterns.

4. Be Flexible

If you’ve listed your antique furniture to compete with retail prices and nothing happens, lower the price. Items get bought quicker if you go back and forth with an interested party.

5. A Fair Price Makes A Difference

You’ll get the most profit for a fair price. Buyers are looking for the best deals. Check out other sites to see what people pay for your selling.

Where to Sell Furniture

Online furniture stores are only one of the places to sell you can choose from. An interested buyer might prefer a brick-and-mortar location advertising on a social media platform.

Following is a list of some of the best places to sell.

Facebook Marketplace

Other online marketplace choices are similar, but Facebook Marketplace has a user-friendly mobile app. Get more exposure for those yard sales.

Consignment Shops

Bringing documentation when you use a consignment shop is a good idea. A receipt helps determine what you originally paid. Pieces from estate sales can benefit from a certificate of authenticity.


This is a good place to start if you want to make a few hundred dollars as a side hustle. There are premade templates to set up an e-commerce website. Plus, a 14-day free trial.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar.

Listing free is a big bonus when you want to eliminate unwanted furniture. Promoting items cost one dollar per listing.


People who know this platform think of artistic handmade crafts and knick-knacks. However, you can sell a few pieces here too. Just keep in mind that potential buyers are usually looking for handcrafted antique or vintage furniture.

How to Price Furniture for Sale

Getting more buyers and better money for what you got to sell means pricing it right. Here are some tips.

Clean It Up

Clean items sell quickly. A quick coat of paint can increase the selling price of faded old pieces. You can remove stains from an old couch with salt, lemon juice, ammonia, and mild dish soap.

These Factors Add Value

You can sell more for a piece that is in excellent condition. Some minor wear-and-tear and things like cushion settling shouldn’t matter.
Quality materials make a difference. Mahogany, maple, oak, and anything else that stands the test of time will bring in more money.
A brand name increases the price. This boosts the value of what you are putting up for sale .

Furniture valuation guides are a great tool like this one. Finally, consider selling the pieces at 70 to 80% of the original price.

What Is the Best Site to Sell Furniture?

OfferUp is a leader in this space. There is no listing fee. The seller fees are 12.9 percent of the final price. Shipping items also cost.

How Can You Sell Furniture Online Safely?

First off, you need to protect all of your personal information. Use a unique email address. Not the one you use daily in case you get harassed. Never give out a home address or phone number.

Read the fine print to understand the fees like shipping costs. Do you owe a percentage of the final price? Or is there a flat rate?

Don’t deal with anyone outside of the platform. The same goes for buyers who ask for your banking info.

Stay cautious when meeting someone in person. Bring a friend and always meet in a public place like a police station.

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