HughesNet Introduces New Plans Tailored for Small Businesses

May 12, 2023

Hughes Network Systems has launched new HughesNet plans dedicated to supporting small businesses in the U.S. These new satellite internet service plans come equipped with features such as business-grade support, express repair, and free installation, all designed to meet the demands of small businesses for consistent network availability and optimal performance.

The plans also incorporate HughesNet Fusion, a low-latency plan that masterfully integrates Geostationary (GEO) satellite and wireless technologies to provide a fast and responsive satellite internet experience. This is ideal for running business applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Outlook.

Doug Medina, Vice President of Hughes, explained the motivation behind the move: “Late last year, we introduced HughesNet Fusion to the consumer market, offering rural Americans a high-speed, low-latency reliable internet service. Now, we’re bringing the same multipath technology to the small business market, so companies beyond the reach of fiber and cable internet can choose the HughesNet plan that best meets their needs.”

The HughesNet business plans feature built-in Wi-Fi, download speeds of 25 Mbps, free professional installation, and premium repair service.

“For people working from home or running a small business, internet access is nothing short of essential,” Medina added. “That’s why we enhanced our HughesNet business plans with new features and plans that keep businesses connected to the critical applications they depend on.”

The introduction of these plans by Hughes Networks Systems signifies a significant step towards supporting small businesses, especially those in areas where fiber and cable internet are inaccessible. The fast and reliable internet connection provided by these plans is expected to enhance productivity and communication for small businesses.

Businesses keen to learn more about the full range of HughesNet business plans, including HughesNet Fusion and HughesNet Internet Continuity for affordable connectivity backup, can visit the HughesNet website. Technology Services Distributors interested in offering HughesNet for Business are encouraged to visit the Hughes partners webpage.

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