In the News: Business Grants Up to $50,000 Up for Grabs Now!

June 16, 2023

Local and private organizations offer multiple resources and support to help small business owners during challenging times. While grants in the form of financial assistance are very helpful, it is the training, mentorship, networking opportunities, and other resources that have a long-term effect.

These organizations foster an ecosystem where small business owners can learn from experienced professionals, connect with other entrepreneurs, and access the tools they need to grow and succeed in their local communities. Whether a grant is offering financial assistance or help in other forms, make sure to keep applying for grants in your local area, state and even nationally.

Grants Available for Paid Sick Leave, COVID-Related Challenges, and More

From paid sick leave to COVID-related challenges, several grants with funds of $5,000 to $50,000 are now available for small businesses. Local governments are trying to help entrepreneurs through small business grant programs. There are also several grants from private organizations looking to provide help with a number of funding initiatives.

Small Business News June 16, 2023

The roundup also includes some very interesting news affecting small businesses. This includes the IRS waiving some penalties for non-payment of estimated tax, the increase in the minimum wage of app-based food delivery workers in N.Y., data breaches and much more.

TenantMagic Unveils QR Code Technology for Print Advertising

Cleveland-based internet application creator TenantMagic LLC is making waves with the launch of, a platform introducing a unique, patent-pending lead generating QR code technology for print advertising. BrowsingMagic’s novel QR code technology provides a dual functionality.

Apple Introduces watchOS 10

Apple recently unveiled watchOS 10, a significant update that aims to bring innovative and improved features to the Apple Watch. Small business owners using the Apple Watch can look forward to an array of exciting new functions designed to support productivity, wellness, and seamless access to essential data.

More Than Half of Business Owners Don’t Want Their Children to Inherit Business

More than half of American business owners do not want their children to inherit their business, according to a survey by Versta Research for Wells Fargo. The study involved over 1,000 “wealth creators”, defined as U.S. adults aged 50 or older with at least $1 million in investable assets.

tvOS 17 launches new video conferencing features, in a significant move for small businesses

Apple is set to launch a software update, tvOS 17, for its Apple TV 4K this fall. The update will introduce FaceTime, video conferencing applications, and an overhauled Control Center to enhance user experience and interaction. In a significant shift, the launch of FaceTime on Apple TV 4K will enable users to access the popular app on their TV screens for the first time.

Apple Debuts Mac Studio and Mac Pro with M2 Ultra

Apple has announced the launch of its new Mac Studio and Mac Pro. These two systems are, per Apple, the most potent Macs they have ever made. These highly powerful machines promise to deliver high-end performance with their M2 Max and M2 Ultra silicon chips and will be available from June 13.

Legal Firm Launches Service for Small Businesses Tempted by AI

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) has announced an innovative offering aimed at helping small businesses, business owners, and leaders. The service is specifically tailored to guide those who are tempted to seek legal advice from AI systems like ChatGPT on the Internet.

PhotoRoom Leverages Google Cloud to Empower Small Businesses with AI

PhotoRoom, an AI-based photo editing application primarily targeting e-commerce businesses, recently publicized a new alliance with Google Cloud. The partnership will utilize Google Cloud’s A3 instances, driven by NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs), and PhotoRoom’s acumen in managing extensive AI models.

eBay and Techstars Announce Partnership

eBay and Techstars have announced a new partnership. The initiative, named Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay, is an accelerator program designed to bolster startups working on innovative technologies set to shape the future of e-commerce.

Apple iOS 17: New Features Focus on Communication and Sharing

Apple has unveiled iOS 17, a major release that significantly improves the communication experience on iPhone with substantial updates to Phone, FaceTime, and Messages applications.

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Tools to Boost B2B Marketing

LinkedIn has announced a range of new products and services aimed at aiding B2B marketers in navigating the current economic landscape with increased confidence. The announcement comes in the wake of findings from LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Benchmark, which suggests a strong sense of optimism among marketers worldwide, despite global macroeconomic uncertainties.

Hepatitis A Outbreak Prompts Recall of Frozen Fruit

Small businesses that have purchased specific frozen fruit products from Costco may need to check their stocks, following a recall by Wawona Frozen Foods due to a potential hepatitis A contamination, according to a report from Fox Business. Wawona, a California-based company, is recalling the Organic DayBreak Blend, 4-pound bags of frozen fruit that include strawberries from Mexico.

New Minimum Wage for App-Based Food Delivery Workers in New York City

A new policy aimed at increasing the minimum wage for app-based food delivery workers could have a considerable impact on small businesses in New York City, according to a report from CNN.

Report Reveals Soaring Costs and Frequency of Social Engineering Attacks

Verizon Business unveiled the findings of its 16th annual Data Breach Investigations Report, indicating a skyrocketing trend in both the frequency and cost of ransomware attacks on businesses. The report, which scrutinized 16,312 security incidents and 5,199 breaches, identified ransomware as one of the top cyberattack methods, involved in nearly a quarter (24%) of all breaches.

Why You Should Never Overshare on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great professional tool for business development and building a career network. But I find too many people overshare and it hurts them in the long run. On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked to Elizabeth Pearson who is an executive career coach who helps women navigate job changes, succeed in male-dominated fields, and launch their own companies.

Cisco and AT&T Unite to Enhance Connectivity for a Mobile-First Workforce

In a significant move aimed at strengthening connectivity for the increasingly mobile workforce, Cisco and AT&T have announced new collaborative solutions.

macOS Sonoma Built for Small Business Productivity and Creativity

Apple has recently previewed macOS Sonoma, its newest iteration of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system. The new release introduces various features to elevate productivity and foster creativity, promising to revolutionize the experiences of small business owners and professionals across the globe.

A Closer Look at Data Breaches in the US

Data breaches can cripple small businesses. It is therefore important that small business owners are aware of how data breaches strike and where potential issues may arise. Next DLP, providers of a user-centric, flexible, cloud-native AI/ML-powered solution built for today’s landscape threat, have provided an infographic looking at the world’s largest data breaches.

Colorado Physician Sentenced for COVID Relief Fraud

A Colorado-based physician, Dr. Francis F. Joseph, has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after being found guilty of fraudulent activities related to COVID-19 relief programs. Dr. Joseph allegedly managed to secure approximately $250,000 from two separate relief programs and used these funds for personal expenditures. As a supervisory physician at Springs Medical Associates, Dr.

IRS to Waive Some Penalties for Non-payment of Estimated Tax

The Department of Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced in Notice 2023-42 that they will provide penalty relief for corporations failing to pay estimated tax connected to the new corporate alternative minimum tax (CAMT).

Apple Unveils M2 Ultra

Apple announced the M2 Ultra, a new system on a chip (SoC) promising to propel Mac performance to unprecedented heights. This technology is expected to revolutionize small businesses’ computing needs, providing massive performance gains and promoting work efficiency.

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