Instagram Reels Adds New Features: Trends, Editing, and Gifts

April 16, 2023

Instagram announced an array of improvements to its Reels feature, aimed at further empowering creators to express their creativity, connect with their audience, and earn a living. As the popularity of Reels continues to grow, these enhancements will help creators stay ahead of the curve and fully leverage Instagram’s ever-evolving platform. Here’s a detailed breakdown of these new features:

1. Discover Trending Content on Reels:

Instagram is introducing a dedicated destination for creators to find inspiration through the latest trends on Reels. This new addition will help creators stay up to date with the top trending songs, topics, and hashtags on Reels, allowing them to tailor their content accordingly.

For example, the new trends feature can inform creators when festival season is gaining traction earlier than expected. Access to these insights enables creators to make content that resonates with their audience and keeps them engaged.

2. Streamlined Editing Process for Reels:

Instagram has recognized the need for a more seamless editing experience for Reels, and as a result, they are unifying the video clips, audio, stickers, and text on a single editing screen. This unified editing screen simplifies the process of aligning and timing elements within a Reel, making it more visually appealing and easier to use.

In addition to this update, Instagram plans to introduce even more exciting tools in the future to help creators edit their Reels in simpler, more efficient ways. The new editing process will be available globally for both iOS and Android devices.

3. Enhanced Reels Insights:

To help creators better understand their content’s performance, Instagram is improving Reels insights by adding two new metrics: total watch time and average watch time. Creators can also easily view these insights directly while browsing their Reels.

Total watch time captures the total amount of time a Reel was played, including any time spent replaying the Reel. Average watch time is calculated by dividing the watch time by the number of total plays, providing creators with a better understanding of their viewers’ engagement levels.

Furthermore, Instagram is introducing a new way for creators to see how their Reels are contributing to their growth. A notification system will inform creators of new followers gained through their Reels, providing valuable insight into their audience expansion.

4. Expansion of Gifts on Reels and Enhanced Fan Connection:

Gifts on Reels is a popular feature that allows creators to receive tokens of appreciation from their fans. Instagram plans to expand this feature to more markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK.

Additionally, a new feature will enable creators to recognize the fans who send them gifts, further strengthening the connection between creators and their supporters. By tapping the heart icon next to a supporter’s gift, creators can send a notification to acknowledge their gratitude and appreciation.

These new features, along with Instagram’s ongoing commitment to supporting creators, demonstrate the platform’s dedication to helping its users grow and thrive. As Instagram and Facebook continue to evolve, creators can expect more tools, features, and opportunities to help them succeed on both platforms.

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