Justrite Launches PetroPad Smart Polymer Spill Pad for Leak-Proof Spill Containment

April 10, 2023

Justrite recently announced the launch of its PetroPad™ Smart Polymer Spill Pad, a first-of-its-kind solution for the absorption, solidification, and permanent containment of hazardous hydrocarbons without the risk of leakage or overflow.

This innovative spill containment solution outperforms traditional absorbent pads in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of use, making it a must-have for businesses in construction, machinery, refueling points, maintenance, and more.

“The PetroPad’s unique polymer technology is embedded in a geotextile fabric that transforms hazardous hydrocarbons into a non-hazardous rubber-like compound,” said Jennifer Johnson, product manager at Justrite.

This ensures hydrocarbons are safely contained within the mat, eliminating the risk of water contamination in the workplace or the environment.

The PetroPad’s exclusive polymer blend not only contains hydrocarbons but also allows uncontaminated rainwater to filter through. This innovative spill-control technology results in a higher oil capacity, lower waste-disposal costs, and the elimination of the risk of environmental disasters.

Designed for easy implementation and durability in rigorous work environments, the PetroPad comes with user instructions printed on the pad, an integrated hanging loop for storage and transport, and can be disposed of in standard hazardous waste containers.

Available in five sizes for various applications, the PetroPad is set to revolutionize spill containment.

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