Learn How to Boost Sales From Successful Business Owners

May 6, 2023

There are many strategies you can employ to increase sales for your small business. Some companies focus on communicating directly with potential clients. Others focus on new platforms or technology like mobile apps. Get a huge array of tips for increasing sales from members of the online small business community below.

Learn How Top Brands Boost Sales Using Mobile Apps

Mobile apps aren’t just for sharing fun content and games. They can make a tangible impact on businesses’ sales. In this Mind Inventory post, Samar Patel explores how top brands leverage this tool to increase sales.

Create Your Unique Value Proposition

A unique value proposition can help you frame sales pitches in a way that really appeals to potential buyers. If you’re struggling to find yours, read this guide on the Crowdspring blog by Jason Byer. Then visit the BizSugar community to see what members are saying about the post.

Create Captivating Presentations

Presentations can help you share various information, from sales pitches to instructions for team members. However, all effective presentations have a few things in common. Get tips for creating presentations that make an impact in this Biz Penguin post by Ivan Widjaya.

Facilitate Leads Using Twitter

Twitter isn’t just a platform for sharing quick updates and chatting with others online. Businesses can actually use it to find and nurture leads. Get tips for utilizing this strategy in this UpCity post by Lisa Sicard.

Easily Optimize Your New Website

Before you can make any sales online, customers need to be able to find your website. That’s where SEO comes in. If you’re launching a new website for your business, this post by Anthony Williams of Platter of Gold includes several tips for optimizing it.

Make Money on Poshmark

If you want to sell used or designer clothing online, there are several marketplaces you can use to facilitate sales. Poshmark is one of the top options. Check out this post on the Work at Home Woman blog by Tania Griffis for tips.

Make the Most of Email Marketing

There are tons of marketing tactics you can use to try and increase sales. But email marketing is one strategy that has stood the test of time. In this Startup Bonsai post, Freddy Muriuki details this concept and shares tips for small businesses.

Create Impactful Subject Lines to Increase Email Open Rates

When crafting your marketing emails, impactful subject lines can have a major impact. In fact, improvements in this area can directly impact open rates, which ultimately may lead to higher sales numbers. In this Pixel Productions post, Vaibhav Namburi offers tips for creating impactful subject lines.

Connect Marketing Science to the Customer Journey

Increasing sales requires an understanding of the journey customers take on their way to making a purchase. You can also consider science and psychology in this process to make an even larger impact. Learn more in this MarTech post by Jade Bunke.

Find the Best Ecommerce Marketing Channels

If you want to make more sales on your ecommerce site, you need marketing channels that are specific to this segment. Luckily, there are plenty of options in this arena. Read this WordStream post by Bhujal Patel for a full list.

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