LinkedIn Has New Verification Features

April 16, 2023

LinkedIn has announced multiple new ways for users to verify their identity, work email addresses and places of work.

LinkedIn has partnered with both Microsoft Entra and CLEAR – two of the pre-eminent digital identity verification technologies – to help ensure LinkedIn remains a source of trusted and verified information. The new verification methods are free to use, with CLEAR for verifying identities and Microsoft Entra for verifying work places.

LinkedIn first offered new verification options to boost authenticity last year, introducing profile features that helped verify identities as well as detect and remove fake accounts.

Now these three new verification methods will take the authenticity of the platform to the next level. As well as being able to verify your identity and work place through CLEAR and Microsoft Entra, you will also be able to verify your work email address.

The Vice President of Product Management at LinkedIn, Oscar Rodriguez, explained the importance of authenticity in a statement on the LinkedIn news website, saying: “Authenticity matters. On LinkedIn, when you show that you’re the real you, you’ll have an even greater chance of finding the professional opportunities that matter to you and your community.”

Rodriguez also said that LinkedIn believes that verification should be for everyone, which is why every feature will be available and free to all LinkedIn members.

Rodriguez added: “While all LinkedIn members globally won’t have access to these verification options immediately, we will expand availability and ways for you to participate over time. We’ll keep you updated as we continue rolling out more features like these.”

The work email verification is currently limited as companies need to be included in the work email verification program in order for LinkedIn to be able to verify the emails. There are currently only 4,000 companies whose work emails can be verified, but more and more will become eligible over time.

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