New Facebook Features Designed to Empower Creators and Small Businesses

June 20, 2023

Facebook is rolling out a series of tools and features aimed at making it easier for content creators – many of them small business owners – to build an audience, engage with followers, and generate income through the platform.

The developments reflect Facebook’s recognition of the growing importance of creators, particularly those running small businesses, who form a vital part of the platform’s user base.

Elevating Creative Content with Enhanced Reels

The most noticeable changes are focused on Facebook’s short-form video platform, Reels. Understanding that compelling content is the backbone of any successful social media presence, Facebook has introduced new tools to simplify the creation process and spark inspiration.

A new ‘Inspiration Hub’ features popular reels, hashtags, topics, and music, while a ‘Templates Hub’ showcases trending templates for easy reel creation. The editing interface has been unified, bringing together audio, music, and text on one screen for more straightforward layering and timing of content.

In a move that will significantly benefit small businesses running webinars, live sessions, or other long-form content, Facebook is soon to allow the creation of reels clipped from original videos or Lives. The clips will link back to the original content, providing an excellent avenue for businesses to promote and drive engagement to their long-form content.

Professional Mode for Greater Audience Engagement

To assist creators and small businesses in growing their following, Facebook has introduced new features to the ‘Professional Mode’. This tool, used by tens of millions of creators worldwide, offers a daily checklist module, professional tools, and insights into audience growth and monetization opportunities.

Prominently, ‘Professional Mode’ users can now feature in the ‘Creators to Follow’ unit, boosting their visibility to potential followers. They can also utilize ads to further promote their reels and engage in public conversations to attract followers.

Insights and Metrics for Data-Driven Growth

The Professional Dashboard is being expanded to offer deeper insights into performance and audience interaction. Small business owners can now access reach and interaction data for their reels and profiles and view metrics such as follower attrition and acquisition over specific periods. These insights will provide businesses with a data-driven approach to tailor their content and marketing strategies for optimal growth and engagement.

Monetization Opportunities Expanded

Beyond the enhanced tools for creation and engagement, Facebook is testing cross-posting Instagram branded content to Facebook, and the eligibility criteria for partnership ads have been reduced. This broadens the opportunity for creators to collaborate with brand partners and reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, the platform continues to invite more creators to its Performance Bonus Program, which rewards strong engagement. As part of this move, bonus incentives have been increased to encourage content creation.

The requirements for monetization through Facebook’s Stars have also been lowered, allowing more creators to earn from their fanbase’s support.

Facebook also plans to roll out tests allowing creators to monetize reels with licensed music from the Facebook Audio Library.

These new tools and features demonstrate Facebook’s ongoing commitment to empowering creators and small businesses, providing them with the resources to create, engage, and earn. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly competitive, these developments will prove crucial in helping small businesses maximize their social media presence, audience engagement, and revenue generation potential. The only question that remains is how creators and small businesses will leverage these new tools to their advantage.

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