Snap Unveils New Advertising and Creator Collaboration Opportunities

May 11, 2023

At the 2023 IAB NewFronts, Snap introduced a range of new solutions for advertisers, content partnerships, and collaborative opportunities for creators on Snapchat, showcasing the platform’s commitment to supporting small businesses and fostering relationships with their community of 750 million monthly active users.

Among the new offerings, Snap unveiled First Story, a feature that allows advertisers to reserve the first video ad placement between Friend Stories for maximum visibility. With a potential daily reach of nearly 50 million users in the US, early partners of First Story include Louis Vuitton and Warner Brothers.

Snap also announced the global launch of ads in Spotlight, the platform’s entertainment hub, making it easier for businesses to reach the 350 million Snapchatters who consume Spotlight content every month.

To support creators and facilitate collaborations between them and brands, Snap introduced the Snap Star Collab Studio. This end-to-end service will streamline the process of sourcing, partnering, and driving results for brands working with Snap Stars. Initial partners for the Collab Studio include Studio71, Beeline by Brat TV, Influential, and Whalar, who will assist brands in creating sponsored Stories and bespoke ad content with Snap Stars.

Sports partnerships are another area of focus for Snap, with major sponsorship packages set to enhance marketers’ activation opportunities across Snapchat during high-profile sports events. Exclusive content from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Women’s World Cup, and partnerships with the WNBA, NBA, and NFL will be available across Snapchat’s Stories, Spotlight, and Camera.

Snap is also evolving its AI-powered chatbot, My AI, to improve user experiences across the platform. The company is exploring new ways to deliver more relevant content and experiences, whether users are watching Stories, exploring Spotlight, or browsing AR Lenses. Additionally, Snap is testing sponsored links within My AI to connect users with relevant partners during conversations, allowing brands to reach potential customers more effectively.

Small business owners can benefit from these new offerings by leveraging Snapchat’s extensive user base, innovative advertising solutions, and creator collaborations. By utilizing these features, small businesses can effectively reach their target audiences, build brand awareness, and drive sales in a highly competitive market.

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