Snapchat Lenses Now Integrated with Microsoft Teams

April 16, 2023

Microsoft and Snap recently announced the integration of Snapchat Lenses for Microsoft Teams and the 280 million users who use the collaboration platform every month.

The Snapchat Lenses are designed to offer more personalization options as well as adding new ways to engage, participate and work together. The lenses allow users to appear as a cartoon character or add fun backgrounds and special effects such as falling snow to their on-screen appearance.

The integration of Snapchat Lenses into Teams is possible thanks to Camera Kit, which is Snap’s software development kit (SDK) which enables partners to leverage Snap’s own augmented reality (AR) technology into their own applications and websites.

Both Snap and Microsoft hope the integration and use of the AR filters will let users of Teams add some ‘humor and interactivity’ to brighten their working days.

Via a statement on the Snap newsroom website, the company described how easy it is to use the new lenses, saying: “Make your meetings unique with new ways to break the ice and get creative juices flowing during your next project kickoff through AR. There are no additional downloads needed to find a Lens that suits your personality and sense of humor. To get started, click on ‘Video effects’ and select the ‘Snapchat’ tab to start exploring.”

Snap also explained how Camera Kit integrations have previously been successful, adding: “This is Microsoft’s second integration with Camera Kit. They’ve also used Camera Kit to bring Snap AR into Flip, Microsoft’s video learning platform where educators can post topic prompts to spark video discussions among students. Since adding Snap AR to their Flip web experience, there has been a 60% increase in students and teachers creating videos.”

Snap also confirmed that the company is continuing to work closely with other partners to integrate Camera Kit, as well as develop new use cases for AR. To get involved, partners and developers can contact Snap via the Camera Kit section of the AR Snap website.

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