Spotlight: MultiVision Digital Proves You Can Start a Business with No Experience

June 21, 2023

Relevant industry experience can be a valuable asset when starting a business. But it isn’t an absolute must in every case. In fact, MultiVision Digital proves that sometimes the most important thing is just to get started – even without any experience. Read on for more on this company’s story in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides video marketing services to small businesses.

Business Niche

Providing the best possible value to clients.

Chief Video Content Marketing Robert Weiss told Small Business Trends, “Over the past 12 years we have produced over 1300 videos. We advise and help our clients get the most out of their budget when it comes to creating videos for their business. And we have many repeat customers that love working with our team as we are all empowered to do what we need to do to service the customer.”

How the Business Got Started

Just taking one step at a time.

“We had a vision that video was going to be the next big thing in digital marketing…and since we did not have any video portfolio to sell we just started making calls and getting clients one by one.”

Biggest Win

Getting a big account.

“This had to be in about our fourth year, we got a huge deal with a law firm that we had been calling since we started the business. That deal was about 10x the deals we were typically closing in those days and really helped our cash flow and allowed us to invest back into marketing.”

Biggest Risk

Trying new types of video projects.

“We are always taking risks in doing new types of projects. For example, the first time we did a live stream was pretty risky, but we had a plan and executed.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Marketing, promotion, and maybe a new website.

Fun Fact

You don’t need experience to start a business.

“I started a video production business with zero experience in video production.”

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Image: MultiVision Digital

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