Spotlight: Purity Woods Mixes Health and Beauty with Certified Organic Ingredients

June 7, 2023

Lots of beauty products claim to have natural ingredients. But Purity Woods actually backs up these claims by offering USDA certified organic products made with customers’ health in mind. Read about what sets the company apart in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers skin care solutions with organic ingredients.

Founder Brian Vaszily told Small Business Trends, “Purity Woods is a true rarity in that it provides highly effective skincare products that are all USDA Certified Organic. These contain the planet’s most potent organic botanicals to combat fine lines, wrinkles, loose-looking skin, age spots, uneven skin tone, and more.”

Business Niche

Using truly clean ingredients.

Vaszily says, “More and more consumers are discovering how harmful it is to feed their bodies, via their skin, the synthetic ingredients that are so common in most cosmetics and personal care products. The synthetic ingredients commonly used by others include known and potential carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, and more. In short, here in the US, there is virtually NO regulation over what chemicals companies can include in their cosmetics.”

He adds, “This is why we pride ourselves on making ALL of Purity Woods’ skincare products USDA Certified Organic while providing you nature’s most potent botanicals for your healthiest, youngest-looking skin.”

Business Origin Story

Combatting crow’s feet.

Vaszily explains, “Purity Woods got started because I – a 20+ year veteran natural health researcher, advocate, and entrepreneur – and my wife, Iwona, a cosmetologist, both noticed “crows’ feet” wrinkles around our eyes. As I had been researching plant-based solutions for decades, I knew I wanted to find a skincare product that contained very specific botanicals that were most effective at combating those wrinkles. I also knew it was imperative the product be USDA Certified Organic – meaning strictly and independently verified as toxin-free. Because the problem of synthetic and toxic ingredients in most cosmetics and personal care products today causes people far more harm than most yet realize.

“However, after an extensive search in companies across the US, Iwona and I could find NO such solution. So, working with a formulator over the border in Canada, we developed our first product and were its very first “customers.” We were also its very first overjoyed customers, because faster than we had even hoped, it eliminated the appearance of those crows feet while also helping our skin in other ways. Based on that remarkable success, I realized it would be an “injustice” not to offer it to the world. And in 2019, both Purity Woods and this first product – the USDA Certified Organic “Age-Defying Dream Cream” (an appropriate name if there ever was one!) – were born. Purity Woods is now one of today’s fastest-growing organic skincare companies, with overjoyed customers for its USDA Certified Organic skincare products in every corner of the US and well beyond.”

Biggest Win

Assembling an amazing team.

Vaszily adds, “We’ve assembled the world’s most talented and passionate-about-helping-people team. From ensuring our products are second-to-none in terms of effectiveness to ensuring customers are not merely “satisfied” but delighted with their customer support, we have the BEST TEAM EVER. And for that, I’m really grateful!”

Biggest Risk

Positioning the brand differently than other cosmetics and skin care companies.

Vaszily says, “In brief, the cosmetic/personal care industry is where the food industry was around 20 years ago and beyond. Back then, far fewer people were concerned with consuming foods that were loaded with synthetic ingredients. And some even called those raising alarms about those artificial ingredients in foods “quacks.”

“Today, a far greater number of people realize synthetic stuff doesn’t belong in our bodies. And they’re careful about what they eat. HOWEVER… most don’t yet realize that products you apply to your skin really are just another form of food!”

Biggest Challenge

Keeping up with demand.

Vaszily adds, “We’ve had a very fast-growing demand for our organic and highly effective skincare products. And this got quite shaky during the height of Covid. Various shipments were severely delayed. And we came very close to not having anything left on the shelves to fulfill orders. After lots of phone calls, emails, and sweat – and skin-of-the-teeth, we made it.”

Company Namesake

An ode to natural ingredients.

Vaszily explains, “Purity Woods’s name is inspired by two things. One, we provide only USDA Certified Organic skincare solutions, right in line with our mission to provide the world’s cleanest products. That’s the “Purity” part.

Two, so many of the most effective botanicals against wrinkles, age spots, dullness, loose-looking skin, and more come from TREES. We feature these in our solutions, of course, right in line with our mission to provide the world’s most effective skincare products. That’s the “Woods” part!”

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Image: Purity Woods, Brian Vaszily

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