T-Mobile Offers Significant Savings for Small Businesses with Better Choice Bundle

May 5, 2023

In celebration of Small Business Month, T-Mobile has announced the Better Choice Bundle, a new offering for small businesses that includes significant savings on internet and collaboration tools.

The bundle, starting at just $65 a month, features T-Mobile 5G Business Internet on America’s largest 5G network and T-Mobile Dialpad for Business collaboration tools, including voice solutions (VoIP), video conferencing, and messaging.

Additionally, small businesses will receive a $100 virtual pre-paid card for each new business internet line (up to five) they add in May.

The Better Choice Bundle provides small businesses with the essential tools they need to keep their teams connected and their operations running smoothly. With no annual contracts, leasing, or installation fees, small businesses can save over 30% compared to Big Cable.

T-Mobile is making it even easier for small businesses to switch and save by offering to pay off early termination fees (up to $750 via virtual prepaid card) when they leave their current internet provider and sign up for T-Mobile Business Internet.

Furthermore, T-Mobile’s Price Lock Guarantee ensures that the rate for internet service will never increase.

In addition to the Better Choice Bundle, T-Mobile offers small businesses a range of existing solutions, including unlimited voice plans on its nationwide 5G network, benefits on eligible plans such as Scam Shield Premium and Microsoft 365 on Us, and mobile hotspot data.

T-Mobile will also be hosting Small Business pop-up events and providing mobile experts specializing in small business solutions in select T-Mobile stores throughout May.

To take advantage of the Better Choice Bundle and learn more about T-Mobile’s celebration of small businesses, visit www.t-mobile.com/business/small-midsize-business/bundles. For more information on T-Mobile for Business, go to www.t-mobile.com/business/small-midsize-business.

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