Ten Places to Get Bookbinding Supplies for Your Business

May 10, 2023

The first step to starting a bookbinding business is often finding reliable vendors that can timely provide you with quality bookbinding supplies. From cutting boards to cover material, the quality of your materials will directly impact the final product you can deliver to your customers.

To save you time, we have listed the top ten places where you can purchase bookbinder supplies for your business.

The Bookbinding Market in 2023

According to a research report, the global bookbinding adhesive market was valued at USD 1,856.21 million in 2022. And the market is expected to touch USD 2,237.88 million in 2030 with a CAGR of 2.4%.

That said, the bookbinding market will grow in 2023 and the coming years. So starting a business of binding books or handmade photo albums is an excellent idea to take the entrepreneurial plunge this year.

Top Places to Buy Bookbinding Supplies Online

1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest marketplace to buy bookbinding supplies and kits to start your bookbinding business. The best thing about Amazon is you will have world-class customer support.

Create a business account on Amazon, sign in, and buy bookbinding supplies at competitive rates.

2. Etsy

If you like to do business directly with makers, Etsy might be the right platform to buy your bookbinding supplies and tools. Using the right Etsy filter, you can connect to the right seller for your bookbinding materials.

3. eBay

eBay is another good place to buy bookbinding supplies and tools for your bookbinding store. If you search smartly on eBay, you can find many bookbinding tools and supplies that are not listed on other online marketplaces.

4. Hollander’s

Hollander’s has been offering decorative papers and bookbinding supplies since 1991. Hollander’s maintains a wide range of bookbinding supplies, including adhesives, book boards, sewing supplies, tapes, spine reinforcement, and other items used in the bookbinding process.

5. Talas

Talas is a leading place to buy bookbinding tools and supplies. Talas sources high-quality bookbinding supplied from around the world. So you can buy the top quality products on Talas for your business.

Established in 1962, the company has a rich inventory of bookbinding supplies. You’ll likely get everything you require to start your bookbinding business here.

6. BLICK Art Materials

BLICK Art Materials has been serving the community for over 100 years. You can explore a wide range of paper and board, various types of glue, cutting tools, and other bookbinding supplies on the BLICK Art Materials’ website.

7. Lineco

Lineco offers a wide range of adhesives, book-covering materials, tools, and supplies for book cleaning and repair. Lineco provides its customers with a quick order feature to quickly add multiple products to their shopping cart.


Started in 1943, JOANN Fabric and Craft Stores is the country’s leading craft and specialty retailer. Visit the company’s website to browse a vast collection of bookbinding products, including awls, threads, adhesives, and more.

9. Texas Art Supply

Established in the early 1950s, Texas Art Supply offers a wide range of bookbinding supplies. The bookbinding product range of the company includes book-making kits, bone folders, knives, adhesives, tapes, awls, threads, and many more.

10. Skyline Book Binding Machines & GBC Supplies

For those interested in buying bookbinding products and supplies in one place, Skyline Book Binding Machines & GBC Supplies is the ultimate destination. The company maintains a large inventory of various bookbinding tools and supplies, including bind machines, binding covers, pocket folders, and more.

Essential Bookbinder Supplies

Here is a list of essential bookbinding supplies:


Bookbinding paper is an important factor to consider when binding books, as it affects the finished project’s look, feel, and strength.

Thicker papers are better for cover, while lighter papers should be used for interior pages.


You will use bookbinding adhesives to attach book covers, spines, and glue paper and book cloth.

Book Cloth

Book cloth is a specialized material used in bookbinding to cover the outside of a book, including the spine and covers. It is made from various materials, such as cotton, linen, or synthetic fibers, and is available in multiple colors and textures.


Thread is an essential material in bookbinding as it is used to sew the pages of a book together and attach them to the spine of the book.

Bookbinding Board

Book board is a stiff, thick material used to create the covers of a hardcover book.


You will glue endpapers to the inside of the front cover and the back cover of a hardcover book.

Headband Materials

Headband materials are used to create a decorative band at the top and the bottom of the spine of a book.

In addition to the above materials, other bookbinding supplies include bookbinding tape, decorative elements, needles, etc.

Bookbinding Tools for Business

You will need the following essential equipment and tools to finish a bookbinding project.

Sewing Frame

A sewing frame is a bookbinding tool you will use to hold the book pages in place while sewing them together.

Bone Folder

You will use a bone folder to crease paper and signature papers.

Metal Ruler

You will use a metal ruler for various tasks in bookbinding, such as measuring and marking out paper and board, cutting materials with a knife or scalpel, and creasing and folding paper.


With the help of an awl, you will make holes in papers and boards for sewing.

Utility Knife

You will use a utility knife to cut and trim papers and boards.

Self-healing Cutting Mat

A self-healing cutting mat offers the perfect surface to cut paper and board on. It provides a stable cutting surface and protects the work surface.

Paste Brushes

Paste brushes are employed to use different types of glues you will use in your bookbinding project.

Book Presses

The bookbinding press is engaged to hold the book block together while it dries.

What Are the Most Important Supplies for Bookbinding?

The most important supplies for bookbinding include but are not limited to paper, bookbinding glue, board, cloth, thread, awl, cutting tools, headband materials, and a bone folder.

You will also require additional bookbinder supplies, such as decorative paper for endpapers and leather for covers, to enhance the look and feel of your bookbinding project.

The good news is you can easily buy bookbinding tools and supplies online.

Is Bookbinding a Profitable Business?

Yes, bookbinding can be a profitable business. But like any other business, your profit will depend on various factors, such as the demand for bookbinding services, the quality of your services, profit margins, and competition.

What Kind of Cloth Is Used for Book Binding?

The most frequently used cloths for bookbinding are Japanese book cloth (linen), binder’s buckram, cotton, and cialux. When you are selecting a bookbinding cloth, consider your bookbinding skills and desired durabilities of books.

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