The 14 Best Salon Software Options in 2023

May 30, 2023

Running a successful salon is all about using the right tools to manage your salon. With so many clients booking appointments, managing resources and keeping clients happy (and reducing their wait time!) can be challenging while ensuring your business is profitable. Salon software helps you stay on track across these different elements and gives you more oversight over your salon to help it run more efficiently.

What is Salon Software?

Salon software solutions refer to computer programs that manage various aspects of salon operations. It is a comprehensive tool that assists salon owners and professionals in streamlining their daily tasks, such as appointment scheduling, customer management, inventory tracking, and financial management.

With salon software, users can easily book and track appointments, manage client information, process payments, generate reports, and even facilitate online bookings. The software offers convenience, efficiency, and organization, allowing salon businesses to enhance their operations, improve customer experiences, and ultimately boost overall productivity and profitability.

What is the BEST Salon Software Option in 2023?

Fresha, formerly known as Shedul, is the best salon software option in 2023. It is a simple, flexible, and powerful salon booking software that is subscription-free. Trusted and highly rated by salon owners and professionals, Fresha offers a range of features that enhance the salon experience for both clients and staff.

It provides seamless online booking, automated reminders, advanced point-of-sale capabilities, and competitive payment processing rates. With its continuous improvements and user-friendly interface, Fresha stands out as the leading salon software choice, allowing businesses to manage their operations and increase profitability.

Types of Salon Software

When you start a hair salon, utilizing salon software can streamline your operations and enhance customer experience. Here are some essential types of salon software to consider:

Appointment Booking Software

Effective appointment booking software simplifies the process of managing client bookings for your hair salon. With this software, clients can conveniently schedule their appointments online, saving time for both customers and staff.

It offers features such as automated reminders, real-time availability updates, and calendar syncing, ensuring seamless scheduling and reducing the chances of double bookings. By utilizing appointment booking software, you can streamline your salon’s operations and provide a hassle-free booking experience for your clients.

Employee Management Software

Employee management software plays an important role in efficiently managing your hair salon’s workforce. This software simplifies various aspects of employee management, including scheduling, shift assignments, and time tracking. With employee management software, you can easily create and modify schedules, ensuring optimal coverage and minimizing conflicts.

It also enables seamless communication between managers and employees, allowing for efficient task delegation and updates. The software often includes features such as performance tracking, payroll management, and employee data storage, providing a comprehensive solution for managing your salon’s workforce effectively.

Marketing Software

Marketing software is an invaluable tool for promoting your salon and reaching a wider audience. With the right marketing software, you can create targeted campaigns to attract potential clients and retain existing ones. From social media management to email marketing and analytics, this software provides you with the necessary tools to effectively execute your marketing strategies.

Whether you’re running a nail salon or a hair salon, leveraging marketing software allows you to showcase your services, share success stories, and even create fun and to engage campaigns like “Nail Fails” to build a strong brand presence and drive customer engagement.

HR Software

HR software plays a big role in managing the human resources aspect of your salon business. It simplifies and automates various HR processes, allowing you to efficiently handle employee-related tasks. From onboarding new staff and managing employee records to tracking attendance, scheduling shifts, and processing payroll, HR software streamlines these essential functions.

It helps ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, facilitates effective communication between managers and employees, and promotes a positive work environment. By utilizing HR software, salon owners can focus on nurturing their team, fostering employee growth, and creating a harmonious workplace conducive to providing exceptional customer experiences.

Accounting Software

Whether you’re looking to start a nail salon, a barbershop franchise, or one of the many mobile business ideas available, accounting software is crucial. It helps track revenue, expenses, and taxes, providing accurate financial data for informed decision-making.

With features like client fee tracking, booth rental management, and tracking salon equipment costs, accounting software streamlines your financial operations and ensures that your salon business remains financially sound and well-organized. By leveraging the power of accounting software, you can effectively manage your salon’s financial health and focus on achieving long-term success.

The 14 Best Salon Software Options

When it comes to salon software, there are plenty of options to pick from – which is great and perhaps a little overwhelming. So we’ve selected some of the best solutions currently available based on their features, user reviews, and other factors to help you select the best one for your salon business.

1. Fresha

Fresha is a highly praised salon and spa software that offers a range of powerful features for businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface, seamless online booking capabilities, automated reminders, advanced point-of-sale system, and competitive payment processing rates. The software is free to use and continually updates with new features.

Fresha has received top ratings and positive reviews, making it the top choice for salon owners and professionals worldwide. It also offers comprehensive marketing tools, reporting and analytics, and integrated product inventory management.

Pricing: Fresha offers free software for beauty and wellness professionals, providing unlimited usage with no subscription fees. Optional paid features include payment processing, marketplace fees, automated notifications, and marketing services. Join Fresha today!

2. Vagaro

Vagaro offers salon, spa, and fitness software designed to streamline business operations. It provides features such as online bookings, secure payments, calendar management, customer tracking, notifications, marketing tools, inventory tracking, and more.

With Vagaro, businesses can attract new clients through the Vagaro Marketplace, offer convenient online booking options, and accept payments securely. The software also includes additional features like payroll management, rent and fee scheduling, branded apps, and customizable reports. Vagaro’s customer support is available 24/7.

Pricing: Vagaro offers flexible pricing plans starting at $25/month for one calendar up to $85/month for seven calendars. Vagaro also offers a 30-day free trial with access to most features. No long-term contracts or hidden fees. Start a free trial or contact sales to learn more.

3. Mindbody

Mindbody Salon Software offers a comprehensive platform for managing and growing salons. With this powerful system, salon owners can streamline their operations and focus on providing exceptional experiences to clients. Features include appointment coordination, staff and equipment scheduling, product inventory management, payroll management, and mobile accessibility.

The software also emphasizes a low-touch client experience, offering contactless checkout, automated appointment details and reminders, and an AI receptionist for customer inquiries. Integrated marketing tools help attract and retain customers, while integrated payments simplify transactions. The software supports client bookings across various platforms and provides partnership solutions tailored to specific salon needs.

Pricing: Mindbody Salon Software offers pricing starting at $129 per month, but exact pricing for your specific business needs can be obtained by contacting them directly. Click here to take the first step toward streamlining your operations.

4. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is an all-in-one scheduling and point-of-sale solution. It simplifies booking, payments, and administrative tasks. Users can manage availability, enable online booking, and send automated reminders. The system offers contactless payments, customer profiles, team management tools, and inventory syncing.

It integrates with popular apps like Wix, Quickbooks, and JotForm. Square Appointments has different pricing plans and provides POS hardware options. The app is available for free download, offering a comprehensive solution for managing payments and bookings.

Pricing: Flexible pricing plans for Square Appointments: Free for basic needs, Plus at $29/month per location, and Premium at $69/month per location. Start your free trial now.

5. DaySmart Salon

DaySmart Salon is a comprehensive business management solution for salons, nail salons, and barbershops. It provides scheduling, appointment management, communication, and growth tools. With customizable booking solutions, online booking capabilities, and digital forms, it streamlines operations and enhances customer experience.

DaySmart Salon also offers partnerships with complementary companies. Whether it’s a salon, day spa, nail salon, or barbershop, it simplifies management and keeps businesses on track.

Pricing: Upgrade your business with DaySmart Salon’s flexible pricing plans starting at $29/month. Start your free trial today and unlock powerful management tools to drive revenue and streamline operations.

6. Schedulicity

When it comes to finding the best salon appointment app, Schedulicity stands out as a top choice. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Schedulicity offers unlimited client bookings and supports various payment methods. The app provides a color-coordinated digital calendar, recurring appointments, and calendar integrations, allowing salon businesses to efficiently manage their schedules.

Schedulicity also offers effortless marketing tools, including customizable email templates and Instagram Book buttons, empowering salons to promote their services. With its range of features and reasonable pricing plans, Schedulicity is a reliable and convenient solution for salon appointment management.

Pricing: They have a free plan which is limited to 10 bookings per month. Upgrade to Schedulicity’s Unlimited Plan for just one flat rate. Enjoy unlimited bookings, client text reminders, package management, automated marketing, and more. Plans start at $34.99/month. Take your salon business to the next level! Sign up now.

7. Ovatu

Ovatu offers world-class booking software. It automates appointment management, provides SMS and email reminders, and integrates with online payments. With features like online booking, customizable reminders, and a point-of-sale system, Ovatu helps salons save time and attract customers. It also offers loyalty programs, review management, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Manage your business from any device with Ovatu’s intuitive interface. Try the fully loaded instant demo today and experience the next generation of salon software.

Pricing: Flexible pricing options tailored to your needs. The Neat plan starts at $25/month and the Loaded plan starts at $38/month, with additional costs for SMS. Try Ovatu’s affordable and feature-packed solutions today.

8. Mangomint

Mangomint is the top-rated hair salon software that streamlines salon operations. With features like online booking, client management, booking management, and automated messaging, it enhances efficiency and client experience. The software boasts a fast and intuitive interface, smart automations, and excellent customer support.

It offers flexibility in payment solutions and allows access from any device. Mangomint’s ease of use and comprehensive features make it the go-to choice for salon professionals.

Pricing: Mangomint offers three pricing plans: Essentials for $165/month, Standard for $245/month (most popular), and Unlimited for $375/month. Each plan includes various features and integrations. They provide free setup, data import, and cancelation anytime. Try them today.

9. BookSteam

BookSteam provides customizable online booking software to automate appointment scheduling for businesses worldwide. With features like client notifications, inventory management, and credit card processing, it simplifies operations. The platform caters to various industries, offers mobile accessibility, and supports multiple languages. BookSteam’s global presence includes thousands of satisfied customers and millions of bookings.

Pricing: Choose from competitive pricing plans offered by BookSteam, starting with a 14-day free trial. Plans range from Solo at $19.95/month to Premium at $79.95/month, catering to different business needs. Optional membership add-ons are available. Upgrade or downgrade anytime. Sign up now for a free trial with no credit card required.

10. Rosy Salon Software

RosyPay offers salon software with scheduling, online booking, automated communication, mobile access, and inventory management features. It also includes marketing, reporting, POS with integrated credit card processing, and more. Testimonials highlight its ease of use and benefits for businesses. Rosy Salon Software provides conversion services, credit card processing, and additional services. It’s a comprehensive solution for salon and spa management.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $29/month for standard features, which include online client scheduling, appointment management, text/email communications, mobile access, and more. Upgrade to premium features for $37/month and enjoy automated email marketing, enhanced text messaging, mass email marketing, and other benefits. Start your free trial now and set up your salon software in minutes. No contracts, cancellation, setup, or signup fees!

11. Gloss Genius

GlossGenius is a user-friendly salon software platform that helps beauty and wellness businesses increase revenue and streamline operations. It offers smart scheduling, booking, payments, client management, marketing, reports, and inventory management. With a simple pricing structure and a supportive community, GlossGenius aims to make running a business easier and more profitable.

Pricing: GlossGenius offers simple pricing plans for businesses of all ambitions. The Standard plan starts at $24 monthly, while the recommended Gold plan is available for $48 monthly. Both plans include essential features. Try GlossGenius for free with no credit card required.

12. Timely

Timely simplifies running a successful business with innovative features for client experience, business management, and revenue growth. It offers online bookings, digital consultations, and tools for client communication. Timely helps reduce no-shows, automate marketing, streamline staff management, and provide reporting and analytics.

It integrates with other apps, provides award-winning support, and offers transparent pricing. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, Timely provides a 14-day free trial.

Pricing: Timely offers three pricing tiers: “Build” for $20/month, “Elevate” for $30/month, and “Innovate” for $35/month. Each tier includes various features and also comes with a specific number of SMS messages per month. Click here to explore all the features.

13. Booksy

Booksy is an online booking and scheduling management software. It integrates with platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp. Booksy Biz offers front desk and mobile solutions. Features include no-show protection, mobile payments, and boosted bookings.

It also provides brand management, business management, payment processing, marketing tools, and diverse revenue streams. Professionals in the beauty industry appreciate its convenience and effectiveness.

Pricing: Booksy offers a subscription plan starting at $29.99 per month, with additional staff members costing $20.00 each per month. They also have a Boost option with a one-time commission fee per new client. Choose the plan that suits your needs and start streamlining your business today.

14. Salonist

Salonist is a top salon software for beauty businesses, providing powerful tools to efficiently manage staff and customers. It simplifies operations such as billing, inventory, marketing, and payroll. Salon owners can enjoy the convenience of this versatile booking software. Trusted by thousands of customers in over 60 countries, Salonist offers a free trial for you to experience its benefits.

Pricing: Salonist offers pricing plans starting at $290/year for Basic, $490/year for Starter, $990/year for Business, and $1490/year for Enterprise. Each plan includes a range of features to manage appointments, clients, staff, and more. Streamline your beauty business and start your free trial today.

Why You Should Use Salon Software

Salon management software solutions can be incredibly beneficial for your business or hair salon franchise for a variety of reasons. Investing in the best salon scheduling software can help you become more organized and gives you more insight into what resources you need, whether you want to know how to open a hair salon or grow the business.

Plus, salon software can also help with reducing no-shows thanks to automated reminders and other features, thereby helping with client management. As a result, you’ll see more client appointments fulfilled, more client retention, and easier scheduling and booking moving forward.

How to Choose the Best Salon Software Option for Your Business

Aside from salon scheduling and salon booking, there are other features that can make salon software so valuable. Understanding what salon software is capable of and how it can help when you are in the process of learning how to open a nail salon or grow the business is essential before choosing one to use. Here are some of the key features that you should be evaluating when choosing a salon software:

Salon Point of Sale (POS)

Credit card processing and general payment processing is important for salons catering to different clients. Multiple payment options make it a better experience for clients, and you can also get additional financial insight if the platform offers reporting capabilities. In addition, STX Salon Software and Salon Tracker have great POS features.

Marketing Services

Email marketing and SMS marketing are not just for reminders, but they can also help promote services and build a loyal client base. Platforms such as Millenium Salon Software offer automated and other personalized salon marketing campaign options to help grow your business and retain more clients.

Payroll Management

Managing employees can be difficult, especially if everyone works at different hours or availability. Using a platform such as MINDBODY or Vagaro can manage payroll and staff resources to oversee the business better and help you plan better.

Suggestive Selling

To boost profits, salons can cross-sell other services when clients are booking to enhance the experience. For example, if someone books a manicure, they could also receive a suggestion to save time and book a pedicure. In addition, Phorest Salon Software and Envision Cloud Salon Software offer advanced features such as recommended purchases.

Mobile Access

Running your business while on the go is crucial to serving customers better and ensuring that you have full insight into staff management and other operations. All salon software options mentioned on this list offer mobile access for added convenience.

Automated Confirmations

No-shows can be significantly reduced by automating confirmations and reminders, as clients are less likely to forget the appointment or cancel well in advance. Software options such as Booker, Acuity Scheduling, and Schedulicity offer automated confirmations.

Staff Management

Understanding what resources you have available regarding staff versus demand and managing employee schedules can be a headache if done manually. However, salon software such as Insight Salon Software, ZENOTI, and Square Appointments offer options to help with this.


Keeping client and employee information secure is an extremely important business aspect that is often overlooked. All of the software solutions in this article offer secure access and data protection for information.

Inventory Management

Salons often run through products quickly or not fast enough, making it difficult to order correctly and manage inventory. Using platforms such as Fresha, Vagaro, Timely, and MINDBODY can be a major advantage for efficient inventory management.

Digital Forms

Digital forms can reduce the amount of paperwork that clients need to complete at the salon and help create a better contactless experience for clients and employees. MINDBODY and Millenium both offer digital forms and contactless management.

Reporting Options

Having full insight and data into your salon operations, including revenue, turnover, and other aspects, can help you grow your business and become more profitable. Many platforms offer reporting options across different parts of the business, including STX Salon Software, Fresha, and Envision.

Integrated Payment Processing

Fast payment processing and direct deposits is incredibly important for a business, and integrated payment processing is possible with the right POS system. Platforms such as Square Appointments, Acuity Scheduling, and Timely offer integrated payment processing options.


How much does salon software cost?

The cost of salon software varies depending on the specific software provider and the features you require. Different software options may have various fees, including subscription costs, setup fees, and additional charges for add-on features or support. It is recommended to research and compare different software providers to find the best fit for your salon’s needs and budget.

What is the best salon management software?

Fresha is widely regarded as the best salon management system, aligning perfectly with your salon business plan. With its comprehensive features, intuitive interface, and seamless integration options, Fresha empowers you to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and achieve success in your salon business.

What is the best salon appointment app?

Schedulicity is the top choice for a salon appointment app. It offers unlimited client bookings, seamless payment options, and effortless marketing tools. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Schedulicity is a reliable solution for efficient salon appointment management.

What software do spa businesses use?

Spa businesses often rely on versatile software solutions like Mindbody. This industry-leading platform caters specifically to the needs of spas, providing tools for appointment scheduling, client management, inventory tracking, and marketing. Mindbody helps streamline spa operations, ensuring smooth service delivery and enhancing customer satisfaction.

How do I provide clients with online booking for my salon?

To offer online booking for your salon, consider using an intuitive platform like Square Appointments. This software enables you to create a customized booking webpage, integrate it with your salon website or social media accounts, and effortlessly manage appointments. With Square Appointments, your clients can easily schedule their visits, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

What software do hair salons use?

Hair salons often rely on advanced software solutions like Vagaro. This comprehensive platform caters specifically to the needs of hair salons, offering features such as appointment scheduling, client management, POS capabilities, inventory tracking, and marketing tools. Vagaro helps hair salons streamline their operations and deliver exceptional customer service.

What software do beauty salons use?

Beauty salons commonly utilize software like DaySmart Software to optimize their operations. DaySmart Software offers a range of features tailored to beauty salons, including appointment scheduling, client management, inventory tracking, marketing tools, and reporting capabilities. This software empowers beauty salons to efficiently manage their services and enhance the overall client experience.

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