The 42 Best Items to Flip

April 28, 2023

Selling items online and in person can be a great source of income and a way to get more life out of used items. There are many types of items to flip, so there is plenty to choose from. To help you start flipping, we’ll look at some of the best things to flip for this article.

What is Flipping?

Flipping is a straightforward concept wherein you purchase items and resell them straight away rather than holding on to them. Some items may need to be repaired or have some maintenance involved before they can be flipped. But the general idea when it comes to flipping items is to purchase things at a low price and sell them for a profit.

42 Best Items to Flip

Many items can be flipped, so if you want to flip for profit, you’re in luck. Selecting the right things to flip can often be challenging, but it will largely depend on your local market, broader trends you can capitalize on, and how much of a profit you can gain from flipping the item. Let’s look at some of the best things to flip for profit.

1. Power Tools

2. Outdoor Furniture

3. Wood furniture and Vintage Furniture

4. Vintage Clothing and Designer Clothing

5. Wedding Dresses

6. Exercise Equipment

7. Old Books and Textbooks

8. Old Board Games

9. Electronics and games

10. Baby Items

11. Hockey Equipment

12. Toys and Vintage Toys

13. Shoes and Sneakers

14. Trading Cards

15. Vintage Cars

16. Houses

17. Household Appliances

18. Lego Sets

19. Scrap Metal

20. Websites and Domain Names

21. Bicycles

22. Musical Instruments and Equipment

23. Cameras

24. Picture frames

25. Photography Gear

26. Luxury Handbags

27. Stocks and Options

28. Houses

29. Raw Land

30. VCRs and VHS Tapes

31. Clearance items

32. Artwork

33. Housing Decor

34. Records and Record Players

35. Collectibles

36. Board Games

37. Antiques

38. Rare or Retro T-Shirts

39. Concert T-Shirts

40. Concert tickets

41. Sports memorabilia

42. Upcycled items such as upcycled glass, jewelry, and furniture


Where to Flip: Flip Items Online and Sell Items locally

There are many ways to build a profitable reselling business; you can sell online and in person. Some of the best places to find items for flipping include the following:

Finding Items to Flip

You can find items to flip in the following places:

Garage Sales

If you can find a local garage sale or are willing to drive out further to find good sales, you can find great items to flip for profit.

Yard Sales

Like garage sales, going to a yard sale is another option to find cheap items you can purchase for just a few dollars to flip for extra cash.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores and consignment stores are filled with hidden gems and cheap items that can make all the difference for flipping. Check your nearest thrift store for apparel, good-quality shoes, costume jewelry, and more.

Estate Sales

Many hidden gems have been discovered in estate sales, including vintage items and unique items such as upcycled art and upcycled jewelry.

Facebook Marketplace

You can find items and resell items on the Facebook Marketplace. It’s easy to make money selling items in high demand without incurring massive shipping costs since you can meet locally to deliver the items.


Auctions are another way to find items to flip, but you must be careful about how much you spend. When bidding for items, think about the regular retail price and whether you could compete with that based on the amount it is being bid for.

Flea Markets

You can easily become a flea market flipper and make all your money by searching for items at flea markets in your spare time

House Clearance sales

Many people undertake spring cleaning or house cleaning efforts, and you can go to these sales to find cheap items that you can sell high on online platforms and locally.

Your own home

If you’d like to start your flipping business and make serious cash but are not sure where to start – start with your own home! You can find items you no longer use, such as baby gear or baby stuff that children have outgrown, video games, and other items, and sell them for a decent profit.

Selling Items to Flip

Once you find items you’d like to flip, plenty of flipping websites are available for you to sell on.

Many platforms such as Poshmark, Mercari, and Vinted generate free shipping label options so you can ship items domestically to customers, making it easy to turn flipping from a fun hobby to something more. These platforms have a large user base looking for a good deal and looking to save money by purchasing secondhand items.

Facebook Marketplace
Your own online store

Flipping to Make Extra Money

There are many ways to flip items to make money. You can find things in secondhand stores, thrift shops, and online platforms such as Etsy, Mercari, and more. Additionally, you can make extra money by finding items to flip in local places such as garage and yard sales, estate sales, and other events where people sell secondhand items at a low cost.

Final Thoughts: What is The Most Profitable Item to Flip?

The most profitable item to flip and sell is specialized equipment such as tech gadgets and exercise equipment. You can make money fast by finding and flipping products like exercise equipment. If items are not in the best condition, you can do light repairs and maintenance to sell the items for a higher price.

While not all tech gadgets command the same pricing and interest, you can still profit from repairing and selling tech items. You can sell ancillary items with the tech. For example, you could repair and flip video game consoles and expand your business by reselling video games to go with them.


What is the Easiest Thing to Flip?

Power tools are an easy item to item to flip as they are always in demand, and not many people tend to have these tools in their homes. Rather than purchasing new power tools, they can buy them secondhand, which is why flipping them is easier.

What Flipping Items Make the Most Money?

Another option if you’re looking to start an upcycling business is to flip vintage clothing and high-end designer fashion items. The secondhand apparel market is steadily growing, and clothing items are easy to find and resell. Wedding dresses are another option if you’re looking to make a full-time income by flipping clothing. Many brides are looking for beautiful wedding dresses at deep discounts, so you can make a nice profit by flipping and selling wedding dresses.

What Can I Resell Quickly?

To make money online by reselling an item quickly, you can sell used books and textbooks to students and others via reselling platforms. You can find books online, in library sales, and in secondhand stores that you can resell quickly.

What is the Best to Resell?

The best item to resell is old furniture. For spring and summer, consider flipping items such as wicker chairs, patio tables, and other types of furniture perfect for backyards and gardens. Many people are looking for good-quality wood furniture and beautiful vintage furniture to add to their homes, so upcycled furniture is an option for flipping items.

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