The Importance of Cloud Monitoring for Small Business

May 7, 2023

Once a business has migrated much of their tech infrastructure to the cloud, it is vital to maintain as much visibility as possible. Cloud monitoring can reduce security risks and prevent overspending on network infrastructure, ultimately increasing the value of the business.

Cloud monitoring experts LiveAction conducted some useful research into the issue, identifying the major problems with poor cloud visibility and the benefits of better cloud monitoring. The results have been compiled into an excellent cloud monitoring infographic by design agency Nowsourcing, and here we will take a sneak peek at the highlights.

Businesses Rely on Cloud Tools

LiveAction’s research revealed that 94% of businesses use the cloud in some capacity, with a similar number using more than one cloud system.

Half of the businesses surveyed said they store their most sensitive data on the cloud, and yet 79% of organizations reported widening visibility gaps in their cloud infrastructure, along with a general lack of visibility across cloud operations.

How the Cloud Limits Visibility for Businesses

Most cloud monitoring tools focus on one specific service, with data teams forced to gather, prep and analyze across siloes, while the basic tools they use simply aren’t equipped to cope with the evolving complexities of modern cloud architectures.

The vast majority of large organizations use multiple cloud providers which forces them to use separate monitoring tools for each cloud. This makes it extremely difficult to get a holistic picture of the entire network, as well as making it hard to track internal and remote users, as well as VPN users and all of the cloud applications.

Benefits of Advanced Monitoring Solutions

Implementing an advanced cloud monitoring solution can reduce the security risk by half, and provide a significantly reduced lower mean time resolution. It can lower cloud infrastructure costs by 30% to stop overspending, while 99% of decision-makers believe there is a direct link between cloud visibility and business value.

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