The Latest YouTube Trends: Virtual Humans, Majorette Dancing, and More

May 4, 2023

To keep YouTubers, including small business owners, ahead of the curve, YouTube is launching a new series highlighting global trends. Here are some key trends and insights that could potentially affect your small business.

Virtual Humans

VTubers, animated personas popularized in Japan, garner over 1.5B monthly views. With the rise of AI, Virtual Humans have emerged – digitally rendered personas with hyper-realistic appearances. These Virtual Humans create videos in popular content categories, such as dance challenges on Shorts, music videos, and song covers. The trend shows that audiences are open to engaging with generative Creators, which can be a new way for businesses to connect with their audience.

Narrative Horror

Analog horror, a genre of horror content that uses vintage media effects, has seen a rise in popularity. Creators are finding unique ways to incorporate this trend into short, bite-sized content. This could mean exploring new, creative ways to engage audiences for businesses.

Majorette Dancing

A new dance style inspired by majorettes is gaining traction. Majorette choreography, typically associated with marching bands, has become a recurring inspiration for recent dance challenges. This trend shows that creative inspiration can come from unexpected sources, reminding businesses to think outside the box regarding marketing strategies.

Wash Day Routine

Videos detailing the unique techniques, products, and tools used by people with textured hair have gained popularity. The focus of these videos has shifted from hairstyling to health and wellness, reflecting a broader self-care trend on YouTube. This signifies that instructive or reflective self-care content is in demand, which small businesses in relevant sectors could capitalize on.

Nail Art

Nail art videos, where fingernails are enhanced and styled with various art techniques and accessories, garnered more than 5B views globally last year. The diverse nail art creator community on YouTube has seen massive success by tapping into cultural moments and mainstream content trends. This demonstrates how niche categories can be taken mainstream by incorporating popular phenomena.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead of trends is key for small businesses looking to connect with their target audience.

Whether creating content with Virtual Humans, exploring the analog horror trend, incorporating majorette dancing into promotional materials, or focusing on health and wellness in product offerings, these trends offer new ways for businesses to engage with consumers and stand out from the competition.

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