The SmallBizChat Podcast: Protecting Your Business Assets for Future Generations with Tracey L. Gordon

April 20, 2023

Tracey Gordon has served as a pillar of change for Philadelphian constituents for over 20 years. Her organizing and legislative success as a block captain and committeewoman in her modest Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood have propelled her from the ranks of local grassroots leadership and advocacy to an established city-wide activist. Now she serves at Philadelphia’s first African American Register of Wills. 

Her tireless efforts have resulted in election protection laws, city-wide neighborhood clean-ups, advocacy for seniors and youth, property value increase, and protection. As the Register of Wills, Tracey Gordon continues her selfless service to Philadelphia constituents by implementing comprehensive probate reform and increasing diversity within Philadelphia’s public offices. Register of Wills Tracey Gordon and her entire office work to fix our Tangled Title Crisis and improve Philadelphia’s quality of life. To learn more, go to

Today, we discuss protecting your business and securing your assets to pass down to future generations with Register of Wills Tracey L. Gordon.

“You don’t make a will when you get older. You make a will when you get an asset.” – Tracey L. Gordon

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

What it means to be the Register of Wills.
There is no automatic transfer of wealth. 
Why you want to have a will and when you should prepare it. 
The importance of transferring generational wealth. 
Best practices for creating your will. 
Talking to an attorney to avoid unnecessary probate and inheritance fees. 
Making a will gives you a say in what happens after you die. 

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