The Top 30 Pizza Franchises You Could Start

April 26, 2023

Are you thinking about getting involved in the pizza industry? Maybe wondering about the franchise business. The U.S. pizza restaurant franchise industry had a market size worth $39.4 billion in 2021. This proven business model was forecast to be worth $40.2 billion in 2022.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the best pizza franchises you can start.

The Pizza Business Today

The State of The Pizzeria Industry Report says the industry is thriving. In fact, the market for pizza restaurants should increase by a whopping $42.2 million by 2025. The bump in sales is owing to trends like the popularity of plant-based toppings. And the growing number of people who see great pizza as an easy healthy meal. All good reasons to learn more about this franchise system.

Is a Pizza Franchise Profitable

Expect to make a 15% profit margin with top pizza franchises. Compare that with nonchain stores with a 3% to 7% margin.

The 30 Best Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Here’s a list of some of the best opportunities.

1. Dominos Franchise

This is one of the top franchises. The Dominos franchise fee is $84,750. Dominos Pizza has 9,285 operating units and they were founded in 1960.

2. Pizza Hut Franchise

This is another big name as far as pizza chains go. There are 16,588 units in operation. The franchise fee is $25,000 and the royalty is 6%

3. Papa John’s Franchise

Papa John’s is number three in the pizza market in the United States. There are a number of company-owned stores across 45 different countries and territories. The royalty for a franchise is 5% and they offer financing. The total investment to start a business is between $198,130 and 743 $930.

4. MOD Pizza Franchise

There are different types of franchises available. To get involved with this restaurant business you’ll need an initial investment of between $714,000 to $985,000 USD. The ongoing royalty fee is 5% and there is an ad royalty fee of 3%.

5. Little Caesars Franchise

This franchise started out as a family-owned company in 1959. The initial fee is high ($181,000) but this is one of the most profitable franchises. They are a national fast-casual chain that started with Detroit-style pizza.

6. Marco’s Pizza Franchise

Another successful fast-casual pizza chain. Start getting to know them by downloading the free ebook from their website. The average profit percentage is 15% with the average revenue per owner at $455,523.

7. Papa Murphy’s Pizza Franchise

The initial franchise fee is $25,000. You’ll need a total investment of between $308,469 and $557,879.

8. Hungry Howie’s Pizza

The delicious pizzas served are part of the over 500 stores in over 21 states in this chain. Online sales went up 30% in 2020 alone. A good reason to invest in a Hungry Howie’s franchise. A famous national pizza chain.

9. Donatos Pizza Franchise

View the available territories. This franchise is stiff competition for Little Caesars. Start with liquid capital of $150,000.

10. Chicago Pizza Company

A low starting investment of $24, 114 is needed. Launched in New Delhi in 2008. They offer classic Italian dishes like Chicago thin-crust pizza. California locations too.

11. Blaze Pizza Franchise

You’ll be selling pizza made with fresh dough that’s house-made. Starting investments begin at $454,400.

12. Rosati’s Pizza Franchise

Another franchise offering Chicago deep-dish pizza. Franchisee fees for selling pizza through this brand are $25,000.

13. Redbrick Pizza

A healthy choice in the pizza restaurant industry. They offer gluten-free deep dish dough. And they boast only the freshest ingredients. There’s a minimum net worth of$300,000.

14. Pizza Press

This company adds craft beers and a build-you-own pizza model to our franchise ideas list. Click the link to get a guidebook.

15. Ledo Pizza

A family chain popular with pizza lovers. Here’s a link to their restaurant franchise process.

16. Round Table Pizza

These fast-food franchises are located in the Western U.S. The dine-in franchise fee is $25,000.

17. Pizza Factory

They focus on smaller towns. They aren’t competing with the world’s largest restaurant companies. Their starting net worth requirement is $250,000.

18. Your Pie

This franchise offers fresh pizza dough made from scratch. Click on the map to see what’s available.

19. Paisano’s Pizza

They sell franchises and offer pasta, subs, and pizza.

20. Jets Pizza

Royalty fees are between 8-10%. There are 351 units open. Jet’s Pizza offers chicken wings and other sides.

21. CICIS Pizza


You’ll need $250,000 in liquidity to get started. And an initial investment of up to $1,080,103 USD.

22. Mountain Mike’s Pizza

Not exactly competition for the bigger players like Domino’s Pizza. But this franchise serve pizza choices that are great and foster strong community ties. Get the report and get started. Net worth required is $300,000.

23. Fox’s Pizza Den

Low franchise fees. Plus there are no fees for the percentage of sales.

24. Pizza Ranch

In-store dining is offered. Fried chicken is on the menu too. They are ranked in the 2022 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 listings. The royalty fee is 4 percent.

25. Happy’s Pizza

There are no percentage-based royalties. Just a flat fee.

26. Pie Five Pizza Co.


There are unlimited topping choices. Currently, they have 31 locations in America.

27. Toppers Pizza

This national chain has excellent restaurant franchise opportunities. Toppers sells pizza and other food like buffalo wings. The franchise fee is $30,000. They serve great cheese pizza. There’s no grilled panini but new flatbreads.

28. Uno Pizzeria & Grill


They sell deep-dish Chicago style pizza. They’ve been offering restaurant franchise opportunities since the 1970s.

29. MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza

Devotes itself to traditional pizza sauce and other 300-year-old traditions.

30. PizzaRev

Locations in California. Average sales of $1,000,000.

Do Franchise Owners Need Experience?

Transferable skills and a good work ethic help. But you don’t always need experience. However, starting at the bottom with pizza delivery and working up gives you perspective.

Are Pizza Chain Franchises Profitable?

The market sector was forecast to be worth $40.42 billion USD last year. That’s up from $38.21 billion in 2021.

The Bottom Line

Getting started with a Domino’s Pizza or other chain is a process. Regardless of the franchise, there’s a checklist that includes legalities and financials.

Pizza Franchises FAQs

Where is Best for New York Style Pizza?

Bleeker Street Pizza is award-winning. And they are in New York

What Pizza Franchise Makes the Most Money?

Dominos made $4.53 billion USD last year.

How Much Does a Pizza Franchise Cost?

You’ll need to start with between $223,535 and $586,410.

How Much Money does a Pizza Franchise Owner Make?

On average, between $50,000 to $200,000,

How Much is a Pizza Hut Franchise?

The initial investment is between $297,000 and $2,109,000.

What is Artisanal Pizza?

These are made by hand using traditional methods.

Which is The Largest Pizza Chain?

Pizza Hut is the largest in 2023.

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