U.S. Postal Service Celebrates Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art with Forever Stamps

April 28, 2023

The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled new Forever stamps in honor of the centennial of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s birth. Featuring five of his eye-catching creations, these stamps are ideal for small business owners seeking to add a touch of creativity to their mailings. The stamps are available in panes of 20 and can be shared on social media with the hashtag #RoyLichtensteinStamps.

Thomas Marshall, general counsel and executive vice president of the Postal Service, emphasized the significance of the stamp program in recognizing the nation’s best talents, stating that Lichtenstein “certainly deserves this recognition because of the remarkable creativity and innovation he demonstrated throughout his career.” The artist’s widow, Dorothy Lichtenstein, also expressed her appreciation for the honor, adding that she believes more people will discover Roy’s work because of the stamps.

Born in New York City in 1923, Roy Lichtenstein pursued art from a young age, exploring different styles and mediums throughout his life. He eventually became an iconic figure in the mid-20th-century pop art movement, using bold colors and the Ben-Day dot printing process to reproduce images from comic books and popular culture. The new stamps celebrate his lasting impact on the art world and offer a unique way for small business owners to incorporate art into their daily operations.

As small businesses often rely on direct mail campaigns for marketing, these stamps can add a touch of creativity to promotional materials, making them more memorable for recipients. Additionally, the use of iconic pop art on mailings can help small businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace, giving them an edge over competitors.

Small business owners can also use the stamps as conversation starters with clients or customers, engaging them in discussions about art, history, and innovation. The stamps serve as a reminder of the importance of creativity in all aspects of life, including business.

In summary, the U.S. Postal Service’s new Roy Lichtenstein Forever stamps not only honor a great American artist but also provide small business owners with a creative way to enhance their mailings. By incorporating these bold, eye-catching designs into their marketing materials and everyday correspondence, small businesses can stand out in the marketplace and foster engaging conversations about art and innovation.

Image: USPS

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