Weekly 36: Build a 6-figure newsletter in 12 months

April 18, 2023

In this week’s edition, we discuss

How to build a 6-figure one-person newsletterHave NFTs died? Insight from NFT.NYC week

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What’s the fastest way to make 6-figures in 12 months?

With an increasing amount of people sick of manipulative social media algorithms, the masses are upgrading their content diet. As a result, newsletters are a booming business. One of the masters of the art, Tim Denning, shares his 7-step formula to get yours up and running:

Select a wide enough topic — Don’t go to niche, especially when starting, and choose a name that reflects the topic.Choose newsletter software (don’t overthink it) — This is not the life or death of your one-person newsletter career because you can always change software later.Get a quick and dirty logo — People don’t really care about your logo; they care about your newsletter’s content and, most importantly, whether it helps them in life.Grow without social media — Thanks to recommendations, you can use other creators’ audiences to build yours and avoid prostituting yourself on social media.Give readers rewards for the dirty work — Use tools like Sparkloop to incentivize the reader to refer your newsletter to others.Buy newsletter recommendations — If you have the cash, you can always buy Facebook/Instagram ads or even recommendations in other newsletters.Start to make cash — When you’re ready, add a paid tier with more features and benefits, then deliver on all your promises to build loyalty and skyrocket a one-person newsletter to 6 figures.

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NFTs have died — what comes next?

Isaiah McCall spent the week at NFT.NYC, and he wrote about what he learned, the problems the industry faces, and what the future of the technology could look like.

We did body shots, snorted blow, talked about Bitcoin hitting $30,000 and danced to Daft Punk. The only people who wanted to talk about the real implications of NFTs were a mom-and-son duo from Felbridge, England.“The branding around NFTs is dead; nobody wants to hear someone trying to sell them NFTs,” said Daniel Bedford, CEO of Re-Evolution a video game using blockchain and digital assets. “We’ve completely reworded our message and purged almost every reference to NFTs in our product because it’s a turn-off.”At this moment, I realized two of the event organizers’ faces were twisting in shame. Daniel wasn’t shilling the metaverse. He didn’t talk about diamond hands or his Elon Musk fanfic.He spoke truth to power: NFTs need a rebirth or they’re dead.

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