Weekly 40: A Snob’s Guide to Pitch Decks

May 23, 2023

In this week’s edition, we discuss

The art of crafting a pitch deck that impresses investorsThe EH Podcast returns for a second season (and a revamp)

Let’s get to it.

Great pitch decks are like works of art

Aaron Dinin, PhD is a self-confessed pitch deck snob who obsesses over his slides more than the average entrepreneur. Here are some of the essential details necessary to elevate your pitch deck from competent to masterpiece:

Resolve your resolution issues — Get them in widescreen, and learn to use the sides of your slides as places for boilerplate info like logos and headings.Less text is definitely more — After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.Small font changes have an enormous impact — Experiment with your font and find something that evokes the brand and attitude of the company you’re pitching.Whitespace is beautiful — It’s better to make things slightly smaller and leave a bit of whitespace than fill things to the edges.Use more slides to say less — Spread content and ideas across multiple slides instead of cramming everything together.Subtle fades smooth everything — Harsh transitions make things feel less finished, and harsh edges make images and shapes feel cheaper.Slides don’t have to be static — A perfectly-timed animation can be a great way to emphasize an important point, but avoid gimmicky or distracting animations.Page numbers are for books — Page numbers distract audiences by making them wonder what page they’re on in relation to the larger presentation.Headings are for research papers — If your pitch isn’t clear, the solution isn’t to add headings but to restructure the pitch deck.Rainbows are ugly — Make sure your slide deck doesn’t look like it ate a pile of Skittles by limiting the color palette for your deck to two or three colors.

👉 Go deeper into the art of pitch decks: A Pitch Deck Snob’s Guide to Crafting Slides That Will Impress Investors.

The EH podcast returns!

Good news; the EH podcast is back, and this time we’re changing things up.

On Monday’s episodes, Amar and Stephen will discuss the latest business and startup news in a short format episode.

On Thursday, Amar will continue to interview some of the most exciting names in the startup world, though rather than be story-based, these episodes will be deep-dives into particular topics.

You can watch the season 2 kick-off here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhTATbqruWM

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Dave Schools, Stephen Moore & Amardeep Parmar

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