Where to Find Corporate Child Care Services for Your Business

June 19, 2023

Finding corporate child care services for your business is important in today’s competitive landscape. With increasing number of employees seeking a healthy work-life balance, providing reliable, affordable child care options can be a game-changer for attracting and retaining top talent. In this article, we explore various avenues where businesses can find corporate child care services to meet the needs of their employees and enhance their overall productivity.

The Importance of Corporate Child Care for Businesses

In today’s work environment, corporate child care is essential for businesses. As employees strive to balance their professional and personal lives, providing reliable child care options as part of an employee benefits package becomes crucial. Offering corporate child care enhances employee satisfaction and retention and promotes productivity by alleviating the stress and logistical challenges associated with finding suitable child care arrangements.

Understanding Corporate Child Care

Corporate child care refers to childcare services offered by businesses to their employees. It can take different forms, such as on-site child care centers, partnerships with local child care providers, or subsidies for employee-selected child care options. By providing corporate child care, businesses can reap numerous benefits, including heightened employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and improved employee retention, as it supports employees in balancing their work and family responsibilities effectively.

The Role of Child Care Programs

High-quality child care programs play a vital role in a corporate setting by supporting working parents and fostering a family-friendly work environment. These programs provide a reliable and convenient child care solution, allowing parents to focus on their work. They also improve employee morale and enhance productivity through reduced stress and absenteeism.

Supporting Working Parents: A Corporate Responsibility

Supporting working parents is a corporate responsibility that holds immense importance. By helping employees balance work and family responsibilities, businesses can enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity. Corporate child care is a valuable contribution to this effort, offering reliable child care options that alleviate the challenges faced by working parents and fostering a supportive and family-friendly work environment.

Choosing the Right Corporate Child Care Services for Your Business

Choosing the right corporate child care service for your business is crucial. It’s about ensuring the welfare and safety of your employees’ children, which in turn will increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and enhance employee loyalty and satisfaction. Here are some factors to consider:

Track Record and Experience: Consider the provider’s years of experience in the industry and their track record. Providers with a long reputation and long history will likely offer reliable and high-quality services. Ask for references and testimonials from other businesses they’ve served.
Accreditations and Standards: Check if the child care provider has the necessary accreditations, licenses, and certifications. Ensuring they meet the local and national standards for child care services is essential.
Services Offered: Look at the variety of services offered by the provider. These should ideally include educational programs, back-up care, and flexible scheduling. A robust curriculum that promotes holistic child development is a valuable asset.
Safety Measures: It’s crucial to understand the safety protocols the child care provider has in place. They should have a comprehensive safety plan, emergency preparedness, and well-trained staff.
Financial Viability and Cost: Evaluate the costs associated with the services. Make sure it aligns with your company’s budget. Furthermore, understand the financial viability of the provider. You want to partner with a provider that has a stable financial standing to ensure the long-term availability of services.
Benefits for Employees and the Company: Consider how the services will benefit both your employees and the company. Will it increase employee satisfaction, reduce absenteeism, and boost productivity? These benefits should outweigh the costs.
Customization: The ability to tailor the services to suit your company’s specific needs is also an important factor. The provider should be able to adapt to your company’s unique culture and requirements.
Convenience: Lastly, convenience matters. If possible, opt for a provider that can offer on-site child care or one located close to your company’s premises.

In conclusion, selecting the right corporate child care service is a delicate balancing act between various factors. Review thoroughly and evaluate different providers to ensure the best choice for your company and employees.

Where to Find Reliable Corporate Child Care Services for Your Business

Service ProviderServices ProvidedEmployer BenefitsEmployee BenefitsSpecial Features
Lightbridge AcademyCorporate Advantage Program, back-up care, high-quality educationIncreased productivity and retentionTuition discounts, high-quality educationRequires a minimum of 150 employees
Primrose on PremiseEmployer-sponsored early education and careAttracts top talent, improves productivityHigh-quality on-site care35+ years of experience, 450+ schools across 33 states
Learning Care GroupEmployer-Sponsored Child Care Benefits, backup/emergency care, onsite child care, and consulting servicesAttracts and retains top talent, reduces absenteeism, increases productivityTailored solutions, consulting servicesHas partnered with major brands like Dominos, Microsoft, and NASA
KinderCareOn-site child care centers, back-up child care daysSupports company culture, flexible child care solutionsChild care for children as young as six weeks and up to age sixFranchise model
Trusting ConnectionsCorporate child care, daycare business planReduces absenteeism, improves productivitySafe and ethical childcare solutionsAdvocates for nannies, leads the market, serves the community
Bright HorizonsOn-site child care, back-up childcare, elder care, enhanced family support, and tuition subsidiesEnables high performers, improves performance and employee engagementFamily support at every stage, elder care, tuition subsidiesProvides industry-specific expertise
JovieTrusted childcare solutions for businesses, organizations, and eventsHassle-free event planningSafe and fun experiencesFlexible options, screened staff, and convenient locations

Finding reliable corporate childcare centers and services for your business requires careful vetting, just like any other business services you may outsource. This section explores various avenues to help you locate trustworthy providers to effectively meet your employees’ child care needs.

Lightbridge Academy

Lightbridge Academy’s Corporate Advantage Program (CAP) offers corporate child care solutions, benefiting employers with increased productivity and retention and parents with high-quality education, backup care, tuition discounts, and more. CAP requires a minimum of 150 employees. Lightbridge Academy is committed to providing a trusted Circle of Care and exceptional educational experiences.

Primrose on Premise

Primrose on Premise is a premier employer-sponsored early education and care provider with 35+ years of experience and 450+ schools across 33 states. Their flexible approach revolutionizes on-site child care, benefiting both employers and employees. By partnering with Primrose, companies attract top talent, improve productivity, and showcase their commitment to employee well-being.

Learning Care Group

Employer-Sponsored Child Care Benefits by Learning Care Group (LCG) provide tailored solutions to attract and retain top talent, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity. LCG offers partnership options and custom solutions for hybrid teams, including backup/emergency care, onsite child care, and consulting services. They have partnered with major brands and organizations like Dominos, Microsoft, and NASA.


KinderCare is a daycare franchise that provides on-site child care centers tailored to a company’s culture. Back-up child care days are also available to support employees when regular child care arrangements fall through. They provide child care for children as young as six weeks as well as for older children up to age six.

Trusting Connections

Trusting Connections partners with companies to provide corporate child care, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity. They provide a daycare business plan prioritizing safety, excellence, and ethics. Their mission is to support busy parents with exceptional childcare solutions, while their vision is to support families fully. They value family, advocate for nannies, educate about industry issues, lead the market, serve the community, and emphasize teamwork.

Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons Family Solutions supports employees at every life stage, enabling high performers and removing obstacles. Their services include on-site child care, backup childcare, elder care, enhanced family support, and tuition subsidies. They provide industry-specific expertise and help businesses compete for talent, improving performance and employee engagement.


Jovie offers trusted childcare solutions for businesses, organizations, and events. Their reliable caregivers ensure safe and fun experiences for children, allowing adults to focus on their activities. With flexible options, screened staff, and convenient locations, Jovie provides hassle-free event planning.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Child Care Services

What is Corporate Child Care?

Corporate child care refers to child care services provided by businesses to support their employees. These services can take various forms, such as on-site child care centers or partnerships with external child care providers. By offering these services, businesses aim to help employees balance their work and family responsibilities effectively.

What Role Do Child Care Programs Play in a Business?

Child care programs play an important role in a business by supporting working parents and creating a family-friendly work environment. These programs provide reliable child care solutions as well as financial assistance that enable employees to focus on their work, thereby improving productivity. They also contribute to employee morale and overall well-being. The services listed above offer options that you can tailor to your employee’s needs, instead of starting a daycare business of your own.

Why is it Important for Businesses to Support Working Parents?

Supporting working parents is essential for businesses as it enhances employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Child care is a business every small town needs, but many parents still find it difficult to find reliable daycare services while they work. By providing paid family leave, child care assistance, and promoting work-life balance, businesses create a supportive environment that acknowledges and addresses the needs of working parents, resulting in a more engaged and loyal workforce.

How Do I Choose the Right Corporate Child Care Service for My Business?

Selecting the right corporate child care service requires careful consideration. Factors to evaluate include the provider’s experience, services offered, safety measures, educational curriculum, flexibility, and cost. Assessing these aspects will help you make an informed decision that aligns with your business’s needs and priorities.

Where Can I Find Reliable Corporate Child Care Services for My Business?

Finding reliable corporate child care services involves exploring various avenues. Research local child care providers, check professional networks, consult industry organizations or your local women’s business center, or seek recommendations from other businesses. These approaches can help you identify reputable providers who can meet the child care needs of your employees effectively.

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