Where to Find Recruitment Services for Your Business

June 20, 2023

According to the ADP National Employment Report, issued monthly, hiring and retaining top small business employees is a huge challenge.

Building a successful small business team can be very time-consuming and demanding.

It’s even more demanding if the small business owner is trying to manage the recruitment process and fill positions with top candidates – while running the business.

Using recruitment services can be the best way to simplify the entire process. It can be the way to find the best candidate at the lowest cost to your business.

The Crucial Role of Recruitment Services in Businesses

In the past, employers found candidates without using recruiters. Filling positions was accomplished by posting an ad on job boards, in a newspaper or even on the business’s front door.

Digital Recruiting Common

Small businesses are learning they can save money by outsourcing tasks.

For example, there are agencies that handle payroll services and marketing services.

Today, most of the recruitment process for jobs occurs online. Yes, there are job boards, but they exist in the digital world.

There are digital recruiters who can help small business owners find both short and long-term employees, as well as permanent employees.

Also, as many employers manage a workforce that is offsite, there are recruiting services that can search and find the candidate who will be your best virtual employee.

Streamlined, Professional Process

Using recruiters to help fill positions streamlines the process from candidate application to job offer.

More importantly, when recruitment needs are handled by another company, that takes pressure from management.

The timely process does not take key people, such as owners and managers, away from business operations to do candidate interviews.

What are Recruitment Services?

Recruitment services aren’t one size fits all. All share commonalities:

They attract and screen candidates based on your stated recruitment needs for the job.
They post information about openings that a candidate can find on digital job boards
They handle the application part of the process for candidates
As part of recruiting, the companies performing recruiting services may even handle the initial interview process of a candidate, providing further screening of each candidate as part of hr services
Most use recruiting email templates and/or video recruiting, or a combination of the two to initiate a candidate response
The steps taken by a recruiting agency help the company create a hiring process, including a job offer template for candidates
Hire time, from job boards/postings to employment offers to candidates, is shortened because the process is accomplished by professional business services.

The Importance of the Recruitment Process

Wade Through Applicants

When a company attempts to recruit and hire a candidate on its own, owners and managers must wade through applicant responses.

Some, perhaps the majority, aren’t a good fit for the company.

A recruiting service weeds through candidates for a job, setting aside the best applicants.

Choose Candidate for Initial Interviews

Only those top candidates for the job move ahead to the next steps, the application and interview.

Some recruiters interview each candidate virtually (face to face online), while others interview over the phone or in person (especially with executive recruitment).

Interview with Company Representatives

Next, the best candidates may have a second interview with company representatives.

Keep in mind, each candidate who makes it to the second interview has been screened and vetted.

That saves valuable time in the recruitment process.

Choosing the Right Recruitment Services for Your Business

Choosing the right recruitment service for your business can be an essential aspect of sourcing the ideal candidates for your vacancies. It’s true that you can handle recruitment independently, posting job ads on various online platforms and navigating the influx of applications. However, this approach can be time-consuming, and you might miss out on perfectly suited candidates who haven’t spotted your job posting.

Professional recruitment services, on the other hand, offer specialized expertise, an extensive network of candidates, and in-depth knowledge of various industries. They can filter candidates to match your exact needs, saving you considerable time and effort. Furthermore, not all recruitment agencies are created equal; they each have their strengths, specializations, and pricing structures.

To select the best recruitment service for your business, consider the following factors:

Industry Specialization: Some agencies focus on specific sectors, such as IT, finance, or aviation. Consider an agency that understands your industry and has a history of successful placements in it.
Types of Employment: Evaluate whether the agency can cater to your specific hiring needs, whether that’s temporary, permanent, or freelance hires.
Cost: Compare the agency’s fee structure against the potential cost of your own time spent on recruitment. Also, consider the potential cost of a bad hire if the recruitment process is not handled correctly.
Reputation: Look at the agency’s track record, success rate, and client feedback. A recruitment agency with a good reputation will likely deliver quality candidates.
Candidate Network: Consider the size and quality of the agency’s network. The wider and more diverse the network, the higher the chances of finding the perfect candidate.
Time Efficiency: A significant advantage of using recruitment agencies is the time saved. Check the agency’s average time-to-hire to ensure it aligns with your expectations.

By considering these factors, you’ll be better positioned to choose the right recruitment service for your business. Remember, the best agency for you is one that understands your unique needs, has the experience and network to deliver, and offers a cost-effective solution.

Where to Find Reliable Recruitment Services for Your Business

Recruitment ServiceSpecialization FieldsType of EmploymentOther Information
Robert HalfIT, finance, administration, customer service, remote candidatesProfessional and executive fields
Kelly Services Inc.Science, engineering, industrial, educationalShort and long term positions, permanent positionsLong-established company
ToptalSoftware development, product and project management, freelance hiresHigh success rate hiresHigh retention rate of hires
ManpowerVariety of fieldsShort and long term hires, permanent hiresIn business since 1948
AppleOneProfessional fieldsSpecific agency for government contractsWoman-owned company
Korn Ferry/Lucas GroupIT, accounting, finance, HR, manufacturingProfessional fields
AdeccoHospitality, customer service, accounting, marketing, retail, manufacturingSmall businesses employee placement
AerotekAviation, manufacturing, logistics, constructionAviation industry focus, especially in facility management
Rand StadIT, legal, engineering, finance, HRTemporary, temp-to-hire and permanent employeesSpecializes in helping small businesses
Insight GlobalIT, finance, engineering, governmentShort, long term and permanent candidates

Here is our top ten list of recruiting companies.

These have a proven track record of delivering the top candidate for the job opening on your team:

Robert Half

This agency finds candidates in both professional and executive fields.

Robert Half specializes in IT, finance, administration, customer service and remote candidates.

Kelly Services Inc.

This long-established company finds candidates in a variety of fields.

Kelly can find candidates for short and long term positions, as well as permanent positions.

Kelly Services helps employers land candidates from science, engineering, industrial and educational fields.


Toptal has a high success rate for hires. That means that the hirees remain on the job.

Toptal specializes in the fields of software development, product and project management and freelance hirees.


Manpower, in business since 1948, can find specialized talent in a variety of fields.

The company can match businesses with short and long-term, as well as permanent, hires.


AppleOne is a woman-owned company which handles candidates from professional fields. It’s a specific go-to agency for employees needed for government contracts.

Korn Ferry/Lucas Group

Korn Ferry handles candidates from professional fields such as IT, accounting, finance, HR and manufacturing.


Adecco can help small businesses fill employee positions in hospitality, customer service, accounting, marketing, retail and manufacturing.


Aerotek can help employers from the aviation industry find candidates, especially in aviation facility management.

The company also handles workers from the fields of manufacturing, logistics and construction.

Rand Stad

Rand Stad specializes in helping small businesses find temporary and temp-to-hire employees, as well as permanent employees in fields such as IT, legal, engineering, finance and HR.

Insight Global

Insight Global can help a company find short, long term and permanent candidates for jobs in IT, finance, engineering and government.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recruitment Services

What are recruitment services?

When you have a job opening, a recruitment service can help you reach the right candidate.

Why is the recruitment process important in a business?

For every open position, there is a person just right for the job. Without professional recruiting, you may never reach the right candidate for that job. As a result, you’ll have to manage the hiring and training process all over again.

How can recruitment services improve my hiring process?

Recruitment services can conduct the most time-consuming parts of filling open jobs – the search and the first cut.

They can screen from a pool of applicants with an initial first cut, thereby simplifying and shortening the following interview process.

After each candidate goes through the screening process, with application and interview, each candidate deemed a good fit can move forward to an interview with company officials.

How do I choose the right recruitment service for my business?

Most recruitment services specialize to some degree. For example, some are experts at helping a company form a startup team; some specialize in executive recruitment.

You can choose a few companies to compare, also paying attention to the cost. Some companies charge a separate cost for each particular part of the service; some charge a flat fee cost for the process.

Where can I find reliable recruitment services for my business?

We’ve given you the results of our search, which garnered a top ten. You can also network with other business owners, or the state association which represents your industry.

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