ZayZoon’s Fee-Free Gas Card Offers 5% Bonus to Help Employees Save on Gas

April 11, 2023

Earned Wage Access provider ZayZoon is introducing a Gas Card that provides a 5% bonus on gas to help employees save where they’re already spending money.

The Gas Card is one of ZayZoon’s fee-free payout options and is available instantly via email. It is digitally accessible on mobile wallets and can be used at major gas stations.

Tate Hackert, President and Co-founder of ZayZoon, said, “Gas Card is one of many options we’re investing in to help customers stretch their dollars further, so they don’t have to cut costs elsewhere or disrupt their work commute.”

This initiative adds to ZayZoon’s commitment to offering flexible, fee-free options for managing everyday expenses.

ZayZoon customers can also access their earned wages via Instant Gift Cards with a bonus amount of up to 25% without fees.

These gift cards can be redeemed at various brands, such as Walmart, DoorDash, and Amazon.

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